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Friday, March 27, 2009

Onli in da Pilipins..mga masasaklap na katotohanan 3

I grew up as a lover of peace,harmony and equality (sounds like a Miss U answer there,huh)..But yeah, I hate injustice and I will fight when I know I'm right.
I usually voice my opinion on unjust happenings and I always felt I have to do something about it..(now this sounds like a politician)..

Oh well,some days ago I browsed the net for places and things to do in Marinduque. I was there last 2000 and was thinking of going back again there. Miss the place..

I checked YouTube for new resorts and happenings in Marinduque--and stumbled on this video.Pinakulot ng video na ito ang buhok ko!!!

Whether the allegations are true or not, I guess we can't deny that our country is home to a huge number of corrupt officials..Barangay level pa lang ito..err..parang national na din since it's the league of the Barangays..Sweet Lord!

I know anomalies happen din sa barangays in my place. I've known several officials who continued running for office even if they have served 3 terms already..I've heard of overpriced projects and projects that have been approved of funds but has not been maximized by the locals.
Ang kakapal ng mukha!!

And don't forget the youths who are running for SK but without clear projects to do..The salary they'll get is the only thing that is clear to them.

Im not saying that all barangay or SK officials are like these-but sadly,most of them are.

I hope we can change the face of our politics and government soon..pero sa isang bansa na sa barangay level pa lang malala na ang corruption--Goodluck!

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