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Monday, March 30, 2009


I have just finished watching the movie BAGETS in YouTube.It's an 80's hit and watching it again was so fun.

All the songs were really a hit- Growing Up, Farewell, Telephone,Just Got Lucky and the song that kept running on my mind-Baby,I lied..Love it!

Herbert was so payat pa then (well,they all are).. Aga was indeed an ultimate heartthrob, JC-so sporty, Raymond-the lad with a great voice and William- so pabling.It was great to see their barkadahan and their HS moments.All the HS highlights were there, kabalastugans, discovery of sexuality, Intrams, JS, Valentine's day and Graduation..Suddenly Im nostalgic..Though 90's ako nag-grad ng HS-naalala ko bigla ang HS memoirs ko..haay..

Watching this film is like being in a time machine!Colored pants and shirts,short shorts,betamax,stereo,the outrageous hair ( I was so excited-I had an 80s-inspired hair done yesterday!),the dance moves,chucks and of course all the 80s songs!And..the Philippines is much more beautiful then,,Ngayon,sobrang iba na..

I'd like to acknowledge jonette2005 for uploading the movie in YouTube.Im sure all the 80s babies will love to reminisce the old times again.

I hope there'd be a re-run of this film in the cinemas again--for sure it'll be a smashing hit!

Here's the first part of the movie..

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