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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lessons from my Pre-school Teaching

I taught pre-school for 4 years. Looking back, I realized it wasn't only me who imparted lessons with my students as a teacher, but they have given me enormous learnings too- things all along I thought were kid stuffs..or "mere" instructions from me..

My usual instructions and lessons: Share what you have. Keep things in order. Follow rules. Don't hit or quarrel with your classmates. Fall in line. Pray at the start of the day. Pray at the end of the class. Bring healthy baon- no candies and junk foods please! Read, write, count, play, ask, think, explore! Always study your lessons. Always come prepared. No cheating. Always greet classmates, teachers and visitors. Say "sorry" when you hurt someone. Say "thank you" and "please".

My students then never fail to amaze me. They always have stories to tell. .Always have questions to ask.. They never ran out of energy.

My students always looked after each other during out of the classroom activities. Always on guard on who's sneaking out or out of sight.. Sticking together at all times. Helping those who is always last in copying things from the board.

I learned that if only all of us remembered how it was during our early school days- if only we wholeheartedly embraced all the lessons taken- i thought, this chaotic world would have been more wonderful,peaceful and meaningful place to live.

Just imagine, if all of us start and end our day with a prayer, then there could have been no war.

If we all greet each other good day, then we could have bring more smiles.

Imagine how massive it could be, if we share to those who needed it.

How smooth the busy streets could get, if we fall in line and follow rules.

There will be no graft and corruption if the rule "No Cheating" is strictly followed.

How great all the companies would be, if all the employees come prepared, has full of energy and always ask, think and explore!

How happy all the relationships would be if we know how to say Please, Sorry, Thank you and I Love You.

And yes, no problems can't be solved if all of us continue to look for each other and help one another..

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