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Monday, October 20, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Today is the anniversary of my operation..Ambilis talaga ng panahon..I can still remember how it was exactly the same date last year..Sa ngayon,I'm doing well naman,feeling healthy and happier.

Let me recall the events to what I've been thru last year..Here's what I wrote on my journal dated Oct 18,2007:

This week was another roller- coaster...Monday- appointment with Dr. Luna(my surgeon) at St. Luke's..Di kami nag-meet. Tuesday- Dr. See facilitated my application for the Social Service..After hours of waiting, i was given 70% discount. Wednesday- ECG Exam and Ultrasonography..Night- I attended mass.. Naiyak na nga ako kasi parang ang iksi na ng time to prepare. Kaninang umaga- blood tests naman. At least tapos na ang lab tests. May two blood donors na din courtesy of Elvie and Eric. Tomorrow,admission ko na.. Saturday's the big day- ang aking operation(removal of 3.5cm cyst).

Nakakahilo na rin kung tutuusin itong nangyari sa akin. Considering a very toxic week, di ko din alam kung saan ko hinugot yung patience, yung physical strength, kahit yung finances.. Talagang God provides..Sa ngayon medyo ready na rin ang pera,saka na isipin ang bayaran.=)

As I ponder on what I've been goin thru, I learned that God gives us oppurtunity.If we pray for courage and abandonment of fears-God will give us an oppurtunity to face trials and be tough. It has always been my advocacy to touch other people's lives.. So, I guess this sickness was once again an oppurtunity to be an enlightenment to others. To make others believe that everything will happen in his time.. That if we ask,we will receive,and if we cast all our cares to the Lord,all will be well.Once again, my experience taught me embrace life even more, to be more trusting to God, to never underestimate my capacity to deal with bigger challenges , to be more courageous in facing my fears and ultimately hold in the power of prayer.

As I wait for my operation,I pray that it will be safe and a successful one..As I had been sick, I know God has the power to recreate me, to restore the health and energy that was once tested again..

Isang taon na nga after nung trying times na yun. My surgeon told me that the removal of the cyst was just on time.Had we been a day or two late, it might have been cancer..Praise heavens!

I had a thanksgiving mass last Wednesday for the fruitful year.Medyo nagbabawi pa ako sa gastos dahil 6 months ako nag-maintain ng gamot pero nakakaraos naman na kahit paano.Umiwas na din ako sa mga dapat iwasan- lesser alcohol intake-literally diet sa alak..Bawal ng magpuyat.I see to it that I maintain a good sleeping habit.Kaya ayun,madalas 9pm pa lang,bagsak na ako..

I'm grateful that God had given me enough strength to face this one. What happened was indeed another blessing from above.Truly, one can never go wrong by trusting God.The way may seem clouded, the answer slow in coming but the the faithful heart will look beyond and call the answer to itself.

Now,what blessings have you received lately?

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