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Monday, September 22, 2008

Side A

It was Friday gimik night with Angie and Roselle last 9/19. Ate Roselle and her cousin came late so Angie and I decided to wait for them at Quattro bar,Timog and have a few drinks.After that,we went to Off the Grill Bar & Restaurant . They featured Side A band in line with their 5th anniversary.Ate Roselle is such a huge fan of the dynamic group.

The performance from Side A started at around 11.30pm. It was worth the wait though.Side A gave a really great performance,leaving everyone a night to remember.Ala pa rin talagang kupas ang grupo ni Joey G!

The excited crowd!

Joey G...

Some of the more applauded songs were I Dont Wanna Miss a Thing, Dont Know what to Do,Dont Know what to Say,You-and of course-Tell Me.

You-originally sang by Basil Valdez

Tell Me- such unforgettable song from Side A

The group sang an 80's medley like Always Something There to Remind Me,Take on Me,Head over Heels- and suddenly,we were in our feet dancing!

The song Can't Get You Out my Head by Kylie M drove everyone crazy.With the song I Just Can't Get enough-truly,we cant get enough..everyone was really partying,singing along and surely having fun!They also sang their new song(I forgot the title,sorry) and David Cook's version of Always Be My Baby-boy,how everyone giggled and applauded-some couples were even huggin and kissin!I wish I brought along a partner with me..lolz!

They already sang the last song but we were still asking for more.Everyone asked for more and so they sang- Forever More!

I really enjoyed the show given by Side A.What a great night!Sorry,my videos aint that great.We were seated at the far end of the stage but really close to were the band members room was. Kaya syempre,palalampasin ba namin ang mag- Photo op with the members?!-of course not!

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