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Friday, March 28, 2008


We were having our usual chat after eating lunch last wednesday..our topic: planning to go swimming in Bataan!ive always loved the place..unspoilt,clear waters..the charming love it! i shared with them my rather scary experience in the place were we usually stay there.
i recalled how creepy the house during nights it feels like a lot is watching us outside the windows( the house is surrounded by it)..when you enter the comfort room and feels someone else is with you inside..

I did my usual investigation about the place if there are eerie child said rumors had it of dwarfs seen under the floor! konting takot thought..the flooring of the house is made of bamboo so there's these lil spaces in between enough to see the ground below..what if i see a dwende as i sleep??

We were about to swim one afternoon.i called my friend who i knew was in the bedroom sleeping.i heard a shrug from the room and my friend responded to my call and so i waited for her at the receiving area..after 10mins and she has not appeared i decided to go upstairs..much to my surprise,no one's there and as i walk towards the door, there she was- already wet and was curiously asking why i have not joined them in the beach!

I have a similar experience on my 2nd visit there. we were drinking on the yard when we ran out of ice.two of my friends volunteered to buy and so off they went. after 15mins,i saw them enter the gate but went inside the house..after 10mins they were still inside, and so i asked: 'anu ginagawa nila sa loob?baka natulog na sila?di muna iniwan yung yelo dito! ' after 10mins, my two friends appeared from the gate with the bag of ice on their was only then that i realized that their clothes were different from the ones that i saw earlier! one friend also exclaimed that all along he thought i was only joking when i said i already saw them enter..if they have only arrived that time,who were the two persons(?) that i saw earlier??

..Back to the office..after that lunch-i went to the comfort room to pee..i usually pee in the urinals but in that particular time i thought of using one of the cubicles instead. i was almost finished when the urinal at my back flushed! and i was all alone! creepy? kinda..

During the night,i was in the room next after mine to watch American 10pm i went inside my room and do my usual routine before i turn off the light, i was surprised to see that my dvd player is running! how could that possibly happen when im the only one upstairs since the time i watched TV in the other room!

I just find it a little weird that after that storytelling during lunch,2 eerie incidents happened..could it be my wild imagination? maybe not,i saw it with my vivid eyes!

I have more creepy experiences and will post some of it on my next entries..

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