Swensen's, SM MOA

After the sumptuous dinner at Lugang Cafe (click here if you blinked), it was time for dessert. We headed to Swensen's for some ice cream.

As we enter, we were greeted by smiling staff. We were handed the menu, and our eyes went big on the many variety of ice cream!

Our group decided to try these:

 Hot Fudge Bonus //P140; American Tower// P140

Chewy Chocky Fancy// P135

It was sinfully delicious. Tastes heaven!

So how was it, Jestoni? :)


Extra: These glasses are cute! And yes, these are up for grabs. 

Every scoop of the ice cream draws me back to my childhood days when I eagerly await for 'mamang sorbetero' to pass by our street. Nostalgia.

Swensen's is a sweet piece of heaven on earth. I'd go back again soon. :)

Swensen's MOA, South Wing, Sea Drive
Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay

Trivia: My first taste of Swensen's was in Bangkok, back in 2010.

Truly, wherever you are in the world, you can never go wrong with Swensen's! :)

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