Pasyal Sunday At Intramuros

I joined Royal Postal Heritage Tour last Sunday. Part of the itinerary is Intramuros tour.

Intramuros was once a center of religious, political and military power of Spaniards for hundreds of years. Walking inside the walls was like revisiting the old Manila. 

Old buildings inside Intramuros

It was Pasyal Sunday at Calle Genaral Luna when we visited. Friends and families joyously shared an afternoon of food, free performances and  shopping at the flea market. 

It was nostalgic to be walking in a place of a bygone Spanish era. Despite being here for many times already, it's always a refreshing feeling to be walking inside the stone citadel. The walls, gates, fortifications, monuments, plazas, buildings and churches were like a sumptuous meal to my hungry senses. I didn't even notice my feet get tired because inside, everything was a feast in the eyes. It was definitely a Sunday well spent. Til next tour!

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