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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's On Your Office Desk?

Ang mga bagay daw na nakalagay sa ating mga work stations ay may kahulugan.

The things in our work stations have meanings. In-english ko lang. :P

So what's on your desk? Anung nasa lamesa mo? #EnglishTagalog lolz

According to an article posted in JOBSDB Ph

Hmmm.. it seems I'm the Complex Thinker.

Cups of coffee- check!
Piles of paperwork- check!
Heaps of Shoes- check!
Stuff toys- check!

My dear friend Dulce, the original back out queen, said " Wala naman atang minimalist ngayon!"

I looked at the office tables around me and noticed the desk to my right has a land line phone and a mirror only. Now that's more than minimal! :)

So, what does your office desk say about you?

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