Bad Cheetah

Cristy Fermin must be out her mind-AGAIN! Here's a clip from the April 9 Juicy episode:

According to this creature without credibility, only 2 personalities can be ' matulis' and get away with it- Rico Puno and Willie Revillame.

And her insane belief- "Pag sila ang nagdeliver para bang karangalan mo ang mabastos ka."

WTF! I can't think of any woman who will take pride na mabastos--especially by a Willie Revillame! Well, Cristy Fermin maybe..Proud pa pala syang mabastos nina Rico Puno at sinasamba nyang si Willie Revillame kung sakali. And what gives those two an immunity to make bastos to anyone.. Ewan ko ba kung anung naiisip nitong si Cristy- basta na lang ata may masabi o sadyang row 4 na malapit sa basurahan.

Ikaw, what can you say? Agree ka ba kay Cristy Fermin?

a. Oo, naman! Type kong magpabastos kay Willie, isa yang karangalan.Magpapa-autograph pa ako!
b. Ungas ka ba Cristy? Magpabastos ka kung gusto mo, tapos magpagawa ka ng rebulto-ikarangal mo!

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