American Idol: Top 3 Revealed!

This critical results show was packed with tons of musical performances, but for one of our four hopefuls, the music stopped. So who rocked the stage and who rolled out the door after a record-setting 64 million votes were cast? Let's find out.

Ryan reminds the singers that the three contestants who remain will get to visit their hometown for the annual montages of parades, big crowds and tears. And what do you know, they show a montage of parades, big crowds and tears form the last few seasons! With that in mind, they get right to the results, which are revealed in random order (no bottom three this week). Ryan quickly send Kris back to safety(YES!!!). He seems genuinely shocked.I'd really like to see Kris on the finals!

Ryan also sends Adam back to the stools, leaving Allison and Danny Gokey to face the music. I was surprised to see Danny in the bottom 2,since he's not been in the bottom. True enough,rock wasn't his genre.
And so America has voted-Danny is also safe, marking the end of the road for Allison.
Danny Gokey

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen
Finals is so near. I hope it's Kris vs Adam on the final showdown!

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