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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Ma!

Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one mother the wide world over!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom! No amount of words can say how much I love you and how proud I am for having you!

My mom was a full-time housewife..32 years of strong marriage and had six children. She never failed to attend to our daily needs-cooking meals,washing our clothes,sending us to school..But she was more than a housewife..

My mom was my teacher. She was the first to teach me how to write,read and count. She never failed to attend to my assignments and review me during exams. She was there to support me in the school programs. Had the complete attendance for the many PTA meetings.

My mom was my nurse. Being a frail child,my mom never ceased caring for me in time of sickness. She constantly reminded us to drink our vitamins and to eat on time. Up to now, my mom would scold me when I skip meals (that's because I've already eaten outside). I had an operation 2 years ago and my mother was always on my side..from the pre-op until post-op...she would even bring my meals and meds on my bed..Thank you ma!

My mom was my police escort. She was there to protect me at all times. I remember I had a petty fight with one of my playmates then and came home crying. She immediately confronted that playmate and said he can't do that to me again or else... One 'kapitbahay' summoned me to the Barangay for a complaint,and though I think I'm on the right age to face it by myself,my mom insisted she'll go with me.. My mom always accompanied me in my enrollment..Imagine, she was still there when enrolled freshman in COLLEGE!

My mom was my number one fan. My mom tapped my singing potential. She took time searching for amateur singing contests and had me enlisted. She was always at the side of the stage whenever it's my turn to sing. My mom was the proudest when I had my first serve as an altar knight. I couldn't remember that moment when she took me out to buy my altar knight wear.She was all smiles when I fitted it. My mother made it a point to attend to our recognition and graduation days. Imagine six kids and almost every year she had to attend to these activities!

My mom is my IDOL! For the many lessons she thought us,for the inspiration she gave,for the times she shared, for standing for us and for loving us endlessly- you're my superhero!

For the many times you stood for me and I neglected you- Sorry.
For the many times you stood for me and you never asked for anything-Thank you, I know the time will come when I can repay you back.
For the person that I am now- I owe it to you..Thank you for raising us all wonderfully.

I love you Ma! You're the best!! =)

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