Samu't sari sa LRT 6: May Cellphone si Manong

This incident happened last week. This man's mobile phone rang ( or so I thought ). Ang music ay Without You, Air Supply version. I thought this man's ignoring lang the phone call. Until everyone is turning their heads na on him since ayaw nga nya sagutin ung call. Why not just cancel it di ba? Until the song reaches the end- as in natapos yung buong kanta- did I realize na hindi na yun phone call. Ang haba ng ring kung call yun ha! Oh my guard!! Nakikinig na pala sya ng music! Kasi may sumunod pang song- ung Ilocano(?) version ng Sometimes When We Touch..
Parang biglang gusto kong maasar..Di ba sometimes it's annoying when others play music and everyone can hear it? I was on my headphones listening to my fave morning radio show- Good Times with Mo (may plugging pa!)- but this man's music was sooo loud I can still hear it still..Umpf..naasar na ako..sure na..Buti sana kung maganda ung pini-play nya no?!

Di pa nakuntento, he even watched TV( he owns a tv-phone).. As in we can hear the commercials pa..Nataranta na lang sya nung biglang nag-fluctuate ang reception and we can hear the zzzztttt---zzzztttt...Bigla nyang hininaan ang volume! At nilakasan ulit nung OK na ang signal! Kaasar di ba?

Alright manong, WE can see you've got a phone.. Pero naimbento na rin ang headphones..Try nya kaya di ba??!!

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Allan works full time as a Recruitment Head for an IT Solutions company in Makati and juggles blogging along side. He’s fond of travelling, a certified beach and nature lover and would want to explore more of Earth’s riches. A former community theater director, a pre school teacher and a frustrated Star In A Million contestant, Allan hopes of conquering the big stage for a spotlight one day. Conversation and people are his passion.
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