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Monday, October 23, 2023

Savoring Authentic Japanese Flavors at Nagi Sushi

Nagi Sushi at The Shops at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati, is a place that guarantees a gastronomic feast when it comes to culinary experiences that transport you to the heart of Japan. I wasn't just walking into a restaurant when I entered this paradise of Japanese food; I was starting a voyage through the rich and diverse flavors of Japan. Every experience at Nagi Sushi was an immersion in the true traditions of Japanese cuisine, from the intricate techniques of producing sushi to the comforting flavors of ramen. Yours truly was privileged to have been invited at the grand launch just recently.

The Art of Sushi Masterclass with Chef Oshikiri

The "Art of Sushi Masterclass" conducted by the famous Chef Oshikiri, unquestionably served as the highlight of my experience at Nagi Sushi. Chef Oshikiri led us through the process of making delicious sushi with a strong eye for detail and a love of the craft. The attention to detail that goes into each delicate fish slice, each grain of properly seasoned rice, and each creative presentation of sushi were evident. A glimpse into the soul of Japanese culinary expertise, it was more than just a class.

The skillful hands of the sushi chefs had me jaw-dropped. They were very adept and really made it look like it's super easy to make. There's even a needed temperature for the rice for a perfect sushi!

Sushi and Ramen Love

We were eager to enjoy the results of our newly acquired knowledge as we moved from the masterclass to our dining experience. The menu at Nagi Sushi is a symphony of sushi and ramen, featuring a wide variety of both. Freshly made and tastefully presented, the sushi offered a variety of tastes. Each taste was a tribute to Japanese culinary tradition, from the melt-in-your-mouth sashimi to the delicate balance of ingredients in their specialty rolls.

I personally like the Salmon Nigiri and Hamachi Nigiri.

Nagi Sushi partnered with Ramen Nagi- one of my well-loved ramen. The ramen was equally delicious, featuring flavorful broths and well cooked noodles. The ramen menu at Nagi Sushi offers something for every palate, whether you favor the complexity of tonkotsu or the finesse of shoyu. Every bowl was a work of art thanks to the comforting soup, the firmness of the noodles, and the thoughtful placement of the toppings.

If you're dining at Ramen Nagi for the first time, the Butao King is always a safe choice. I also love the Black King. The noodle bowl is customizable. You will be given an Omotenashi Sheet to customize your bowl or you can just tick 'Chef Recommendation' and let them prepare it for you. 

Sharing my preference for Butao King Ramen:

  • Richness of Taste: RICH
  • Special Sauce: NORMAL
  • Garlic: NORMAL
  • Pork: BELLY ( I always order 'shoulder' so I tried belly this time)
  • Vegetable: ONION
  • Spicyness: 2 SPICY
  • Noodles: FIRM
  • I also recommend having Tamago (additional Php 80)

You can order Sushi only as low as P780 or order Premium Sets (incudes Ramen) for as low as P1080. The sushi set includes Nigiri: Chutoro, Akami, Salmon, Hamachi, Katsuo and Katsuo-don and Torotaku Temaki.

Sushi Eating Etiquette

  • Pick up sushi using chopsticks or fingers. Yes, both are correct.
  • Dip the fish side (not the rice) lightly into the soy sauce to avoid over-saturating the rice which can make it fall apart.
  • Gari or Pickled Ginger is served with sushi to cleanse your palate between different types of sushi.
  • The best way to eat a Temaki is to roll it first before biting into it.
  • Eat in one bite. Sushi is designed to be eaten in one bite. Avoid biting it in half or doing multiple bites.

Relishing sushi this way served as a reminder that sushi is more than simply food; it's also a cultural experience, and learning the proper etiquette enhances the pleasure.

The Vibe

The place looks inviting. Like a typical Japanese Restaurant, you can see all the staff preparing your order. Whether you're eating solo, with a date or with friends, officemates or family, they can conveniently cater to you.


If you're hankering for authentic Japanese cuisine, Nagi Sushi is the place to be. Every bite and every moment pays homage to Japan's extensive culinary tradition. The ramen was packed with flavor and the sushi is a tantalizing treat guaranteed to make any food lover drool. I will surely be back again.

The Shops, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati

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