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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Why Real Estate Properties remain a good investment amidst outbreak?


Every story of perseverance, especially those who started from scratch is inspiring. They are the people who seize every opportunities, reach  their dreams and aspirations on their own, and provide for their families through their hard-earned money. But due to the pandemic, their savings might be spent on more immediate needs, especially since the current situation put the country's economy into recession. Pay cuts, job loss, are only some of the major financial problems that many people are facing because of the outbreak, which is why financial experts say that we should consider putting our extra income into long-term investments, like real estate properties.


In this time of uncertainty, we have to see the importance and advantages of having property investments because they are less volatile than other forms of investments and a good source of passive income, especially for people considering retirement. Investing in property is one investment that every struggling person nowadays won't regret, as long as they carefully plan ahead to make it successful. When you have done it right the first time, you will reap the fruits of your labor.


Real estate investments is able to provide you greater cash flow. Your net income from the investment increases, as you pay off the mortgage and operating expenses over time.


Properties can increase your assets. Equity, an asset that is part of your net worth is built as you pay down your property mortgage. When your equity grows, you can leverage it to buy more properties and increase your cash flow and wealth even more. If you want to have a better idea about your total mortgage payments, interests accumulated overtime versus your capital, this free online mortgage calculator comes in handy wherever you go.


Properties appreciate in value. When you invest and take care of your property properly, its value increases over time. In UK, data shows that there is an increasing house prices every year, in general. There were months of negative growth, but the real estate industry as a whole, bounces back easily. Amidst this pandemic, real estate situation remains resilient as more people were forced to work from home, and experts predict that it will stabilize in the coming months as more and more economies from around the world reopens.


Improving the property’s state can grow its worth. Properties are made of tangible materials, therefore you can change their entire look when needed. When you design to repair flaws or improve its cosmetics, it will make the property more valuable than its previous state.


Properties is a perfect retirement plan. Over time, the value and the cash flow of properties increases. That means the longer you invest in real estate, the more you can earn in the long run, making real estate a perfect retirement plan for anyone who wants to continue earning even after retirement.


Depending on the location, you can turn your property into a condotel, which could generate easy passive income. If your investment is located in an attractive tourist destination attracting visitors every year, it is an advantage. When economy starts to recover, condotels investments near tourist spots will grow your chances of success.


When investing in real estate prevent yourself from making common investment mistakes like choosing the wrong location or asset. Look for reliable real estate developers to help you lay down your property investment roadmap to success. It must offer affordable and income-generating properties in the country, provides high demand and affordable properties for investors.



  1. Tlagang super good din pla tlga mag invest sa real state . Kse tlgang napakaganda niya . At importante para ito sa pamilya natin ❤️😍(Apple Joy Camañero)

  2. Thank you for this po sir allan.Another informative blog po.Perpect pala talagang investment ang real state properties kasi habang tumatagal mas tumataan yung value.

  3. nice nito real state properties gandang investmest para sa future ❤️ pero siyempre dun po tayo sa legit at sure na may babalik tlaga satin, dami na dn po kasing naglipana na scam ngayon kaya maging mapanuri dn po tlaga tayo at dapat sapat dn po ung kaalaman natin pagdating sa usapin na yan ☺

  4. I agree po, magandang investment po talaga tong real estate. Yung cash flow at value ng properties tumataas, this is a nice asset. Maganda din talagang retirement plan to.

  5. Wow. Very informative blog. Very helpful po sa aming lahat ito at maganda po palang investment ang real estate. Thankyou for sharing po . Nakakakuha po kami ng idea dto.


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