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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Lola Remedios for 'Lamig' Remedy

I recently received a Lola Remedios package much to my delight. I have been wanting to try it after seeing its ad on TV. If you want to know more about Lola Remedios, I encourage you to continue reading.

Lola Remedios is a lola's wisdom and love brought together in one 'lamig' remedy. I think its a beautiful play of words. Our grand moms (lola) are usually the ones who'd tell us what to do whenever we feel sick when we were kids, right? Remedios or remedy, meant to provide relief. Passed on to many generations, many Filipino families still practice these 'traditional remedies' combined with natural ingredients especially when we feel sickly. At our house, we still drink ginger tea and squeezed oregano leaves for sore throat and cough. And yes, it is effective! Our Lola truly knows the best!

Lola Remedios' unique formulation makes it the best remedy for 'lamig'. Its all-natural ingredients contain:

  • Ginger- traditionally used to remedy sore throat, pains, muscular aches and cramps.
  • Honey- recognized by WHO to be potent for cough and colds. 
  • Mint- has cooling effect that relieves sore throat
  • Clove- the eugenol and essential oil in clove have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Fennel- provides relief for stomach discomfort.

During the time I received the Lola Remedios package, my sisters and their kids were at our unit here at the city for a short stay. I have no choice but to sleep over at the living room because I have to let them stay in my room for the time being. Having slept on the floor with a very thin mattress, I woke up having body aches. It was the most fitting time to try Lola Remedios and see if it can provide any relief.

Drinking the syrup is as easy as 1-2-3. Shake, Tear, Drink.
No need to dilute it over water or use a spoon because you can drink it direct from the sachet! The syrup has a strong minty flavor, and felt cold as soon as it reached my throat. In no time, I felt a relief from my body aches. Whenever I feel my body is heavy or 'parang masama ang timpla ang katawan', I open a sachet of Lola Remedios. Walang halong echos, mabisa sya sa akin!

Whether it's cold months or if you've been exposed to rain, I recommend having Lola Remedios at hand. It's a quick 'lamig' remedy.

A sachet of Lola Remedios only costs 10 pesos. 1 box contains 12 sachets. I'm sure your 'suking botika' has it.

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