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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

All You Need to Know About Cagayan De Oro

Being in the South, we can say that the island group of Mindanao has been isolated from Luzon and Visayas for quite a while. It is only now that people from Manila and the rest of the Philippines are traveling to Mindanao to enjoy its cities as tourist destinations. This only shows despite the chaos it used to endure, the southerners were able to recover fast and work towards the development of their home.

This article features the fourth largest metropolitan area in the Philippines that is Cagayan De Oro (CDO) city. Be ready to know about the many things it offers to tourists that make them want to stay there for good. You’ll want to see it for yourself if you haven't and see it again if you already have.


There's this blog by a Canadian man who has been to all over the country, yet specifically fell in love with CDO that he decided to live there. He said among the things he likes about the city is the close-knit community and how it is the gateway to everything. From the city filled with modern establishments, you just need an hour and a half to get to Iligan City and see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Camiguin Island is also a short journey away for those who want an escape to the white sand beaches or fond of snorkeling and diving. The blogger also feels safe because the residents look out for him.


The 1st class highly urbanized city houses a total of 675,950 people according to the 2015 consensus. This makes it the 10th most populous city in the country. Governance in its capital –  Misamis Oriental – is independent of the province. Cagayan De Oro is part of the growing Metropolitan CDO area, serving as the business hub and regional center of Region X. About 44% of the household population classify themselves as ethnically mixed people, 22.15% are Cebuanos, 4.38% are Boholanos, and 28.0% classify themselves as ethnic groups.


Of course, the best way to get to CDO from Manila is by plane. You can buy affordable flights if you book 3 months prior to your target travel date. Take note in planning your itinerary that the weather in the city is unpredictable - it could be too raining around December to January. As for those wanting to see the city in its sunniest days, visit within the months of March to June.

Here are some recommended tourist spots to visit:

Seven Seas Waterpark

This is the first ever world class waterpark in the country. Tourists and locals alike couldn't get enough of its thrilling rides. Make sure that you pass by Opol to check it out.

Mapawa Nature Park

Now we go to one of the most breathtaking tourist spots in CDO. Mapawa is a forest in Barangay Cugman where you and your friends can go canyoneering and cliff jumping at the waterfalls. What's more, is you can set up a camp in the forest.

Tinago Falls

Just want to chill and cool down? Then you'll absolutely love the blue and cold waters of Tinago Falls. This is found in Iligan City that's just about an hour away from CDO. Trek, ride the raft, or just eat good food in the cottages.

Divine Mercy Shrine

Located in El Salvador City near Cagayan De Oro, this beautiful Catholic pilgrimage site receives visitors who want to reflect mostly during the Holy Week. The spacious chapel stands alongside the 50 ft statue of the Divine Mercy Jesus. You may even climb up to the heart of the statue guided by the workers to pray.

Dahilayan Adventure Park

How does ziplining and doing a 120-foot drop sound? From CDO, you can go to Bukidnon to try these fun activities in Dahilayan Adventure Park. And when you get tired, the place also has accommodations if you want to stay for a couple of days.

Happy with just reading about it? Gather your squad and start planning your summer trip to Cagayan De Oro city. Or travel alone if you want! As the Canadian blogger said, he feels safe in the city and people look out for him. You just need to plan your trip well to ensure you make the most of your trip and all is set when you arrive. Enjoy your visit to the “City of Golden Friendship!”


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  1. Wow. There's so many things to do in CDO!! Will absokutely tey to visit it some time!

  2. Wow! I didn't expect that Cagayan De Oro is a hiddem gem. From picturesque destinations to a pilgrimage site! Hope to visit Divine Mercy Shrine in the future! ❤️

  3. Mindanao is one region that has completely intrigued me. It's really like being in a different world. Anyway, no need to convince me about its beauty. I have been to Butuan, General Santos City, and Sarangani. Just once but the sights were unforgettable. CDO is just as beautiful judging from your photos.

  4. Mindanao is one region that has completely intrigued me. It's really like being in a different world. Anyway, no need to convince me about its beauty. I have been to Butuan, General Santos City, and Sarangani. Just once but the sights were unforgettable. CDO is just as beautiful judging from your photos.

  5. I haven't been to Mindanao. Huhu! If ever I'll go there, I'll definitely spend most of the days in CDO. So many places to explore!

  6. I've never been to CDO. Thanks for this post! Alin kaya dito yung magkakalapit at pwedeng tuhugin kapag limited time lang yung trip?

  7. We’ve been wanting to go to CDO to try the Seven Seas! Saving this for future reference. 😍

  8. Never been to CDO nor Mindanao. Huhu. Dami rin pala pwedeng puntahan diyan. Gusto ko itry yung mga activities!

  9. Sana pag may project sa company at ako ang ipadala sana dito sa CDO para kahit papano ma explore ko sya.

  10. The place looks so nice! I wanna come here and try the activities too. I'll wait for cheap airline fares too!

  11. Regrettably, I've never been to Cagayan De Oro. I wish I had jumped at the chance to go on a business trip there.

  12. wow thanks for the info, definitely bookmarking this post as CDO is on my travel bucketlist

  13. Wow! Next travel ko dito na dapat andami pwedeng gawin and puntahan in CDO :)

  14. I think the blogger you are referring is dubbed as Kulas of Becoming Filipino. He truly feel in-love of the Philippines and now lives in CDO.

  15. I have never been to CDO and because of this post, it makes me wanna go there on our next vacay. I didn't know there are a lot of hidden gems on the said province.

  16. I wish I could go to Mindanao. Your photos and your blog just show there is so much to see even in one place alone, CDO. I have uni schoolmates who live in CDO and are happy there.


  17. wow thank you for sharing! CDO is very beautiful place. check out the best places and on sale properties cheapest house and lot for sale cebu city. The Philippines is a beautiful place there is a lot to do and to explore.

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