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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Rejuvenate Skin Around The Eyes With Nu Skin ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes

We've all been there- you wake up one morning, stare in the mirror and notice the dark circle in your eyes. A lot of times, cream or make up or even a full night sleep will only do so little. 

They say our eyes are the windows to our soul. But yeah, eye bags, fine lines and dark circles aren't that uplifting. Blame it to your genes or seasonal allergies and age. The good news about this is that there's a new technology that targets this problem.

Nu Skin’s ageLOC LumiSpa Accent paired with ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes

The expertise of Nu Skin Enterprises has come up with a rejuvenation treatment that gently massages away the signs of stress and a busy lifestyle while reducing the appearance of puffiness, under-eye bags and dark circles. 

I personally have tried the LumiSpa Accent via a friend some months ago (check my beauty sesh video HERE) and I can vouch that it really does wonders. Now, the introduction of the ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes is really major! 

Targeted Focus 

Paired with ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes, the multitasking ageLOC LumiSpa Accent uses an oscillating motion to gently exfoliate the skin around the eyes while delivering key ingredients to promote brighter, fresher eyes. Together, the system delivers several benefits. 

ageLOC LumiSpa Accent: 

• Gently massages active ingredients into the skin for enhanced efficacy 
• Increases the appearance of skin volume and density around eyes 
• Promotes the appearance of stronger, healthier skin while refining fine lines and wrinkles 
• Spot treatment head uses the softest silicone available 
• Spot treatment head is embedded with antimicrobial silver which makes cleaning as easy as possible and helps keep the silicone tips hygienic 

ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes: 

• Fresher, brighter, hydrated skin around the eyes 
• Softens, smooths and instantly hydrates skin while promoting radiance 
• Eyes look awake and refreshed while minimizing the look of tired, stressed skin 
• Reduces appearance of dark circles 
• Visibly reduces puffy eyes and under-eye bags 
• Helps to visibly lift and firm the eyelids 
• Helps improve skin texture and tighten skin around the eyes 

We’ve developed a topical formula that not only provides the correct cushioning and interaction between the surface and the skin, but also provides some key ingredients for this area. The eye area’s unique characteristics make it a perfect candidate for this targeted treatment. It’s never too early to start caring for this area and keep your eyes looking glowing and healthy. | Dr. Joseph Chang, Chief Scientific Officer.

Joseph Y. Chang, Ph. D - Chief Scientific Officer, Executive Vice President of Product Development,Rose Castillon - Famorca  - Marketing Manager,Martin Tupaz  - Sales and Marketing

ageLOC LumiSpa and ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes System 

The ageLOC LumiSpa system includes: 
• The ageLOC LumiSpa Accent attachment: ageLOC LumiSpa Accent is a waterproof attachment head specifically designed to fit on the ageLOC LumiSpa handheld device. ageLOC LumiSpa treatment heads move at the precise frequency, validated by clinical studies, to promote skin renewal for a healthy and refreshed appearance. 

• Silicone Treatment Head: ageLOC LumiSpa Accent features one treatment head made of the softest silicone available and is embedded with anti-microbial silver. 

• ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes: the ageLOC LumiSpa Accent optimizes the effectiveness of this potent eye cream by enabling gentle interaction with the skin. ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes contains Nu Skin’s proprietary ageLOC ingredient blend that is designed to maintain healthy, bright, youthful looking skin. The treatment also contains popular, effective ingredients including: 
o A peptide complex to help visibly firm and tone skin. 
o Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (a form of vitamin C) to help protect against free radical damage and brighten the eye area. 
o Plankton extract to help decrease the appearance of pigmentation in the undereye area and tone the eye area. 
o Squalene to help prevent moisture loss and restore skin’s flexibility. 
o An antioxidant complex to protect skin against daily environmental stress. 
o Caffeine visibly reduces puffy eyes and under-eye bags 
o Ophthalmologist tested


During the launch of the ageLOC lumiSpa Accent, we were treated to a variety of activities.

We were given analysis and received product recommendation from the Beauty Consultant. I'm 30ish and at my age, I'm proud to say that the skin on my face is still healthy. 

The Facial Analysis System

At the Biophotonic Scanning- it turned out I have low intake of fruits and veggies; I'm exposed to high stress, high pollution or smoke exposure and I have high BMI and low carotenoid absorption into tissue. This is really important to know- now I have an idea as to what activities and supplements I can take to help fortify my immune system.

The Biophotonic Scanner

And we get pampered with Nu Skin's devices on a relaxing spa chair. There was a shoulder and back massage too.

LumiSpa Treatment


It's but normal to develop puffy eyes or dark circles in our eyes. We all want a healthier and younger-looking skin, right? It's important to get enough sleep, drink lots of water, avoid too much UV and sun exposure, take supplements and use some really good skin care system.

And yes, the ageLOC LumiSpa Accent and ageLOC LumiSpa IdealEyes are perfect for men too! 

Let's connect.

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