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Friday, November 30, 2018

Taiwan Travel Guide: Experience Yehliu, Jiufen and Shifen via KKday Tour (VLOG inside)

I've always wanted to visit Taiwan. Recently, it was a check on my bucket list because this is where I celebrated my birthday.

There are a lot of attractions that one can visit in Taiwan. Like us, you'll surely have a fun-filled vacation here. We decided to book a tour via KKday for our 2nd day itinerary. This was a day tour to Yehliu, Jiufen and Shifen. To be honest, I'm more of a DIY guy when it comes to travel, but since these places are kinda far, leaving it up to the hands of trusted tour agencies and operators may be the better option.

Call time was at 8.45am at Taipei Main Station East Gate. It wasn't that hard to see them because the guides have KKday flags with them. We approached the staff to check our bus number. By 9am, we were at the bus. It started to rain and all we can wish is for that to stop by the time we reached Yehliu.


It was an hour (or so) ride from Taipei Main Station to Yehliu. When we arrived at Yehliu, it was pouring heavily. If you don't have an umbrella with you, it's best to buy a rain coat. I got mine at 50 TWD. The rain coat may ruin your OOTD, but believe me, this is better than getting drenched. (Please note that entrance to the Yehliu Geopark is not included in this KKday booking.)

The Yehliu Geopark is home to many geological formations. While on our way to Yehliu, our tour guide, Bobo, reminded us to keep a creative mind when looking at these rock formations. 

Yehliu is located at New Taipei City. The rock layer near the shore contains limestone-and due to the weathering, erosion and earth movements- these rock formations came to be. 

A walk to the cliff will give one a 360 degree view of the North Coast and Pacific Ocean. Yehliu is an ecological reserve and their first marine park.

Our eyes feasted on great rock formations that looked like mushrooms and ginger. There's one that resembles that of a gorilla, an ice cream and a fairy's shoes. But the most iconic of them all is the Queen's head. Friends who have been here advised us to visit this first because the lines are always long. Despite the heavy pour, we managed to take a photo beside it.

I have read in one article from Taiwan that the Queen's head (so called because it resembles a head of a woman- like that of England's Queen Elizabeth 1) is at risk at being 'beheaded'. Experts say that a crack at its base has existed for 40 years already. If nothing is done, the neck may not be able to hold the head as it may get too thin, researchers said. I hope they can still save it and many can still witness its beauty. So dear visitors, when you're here, it is best not to touch any of the rock formations. It is our way of helping its preservation.

We were not able to take great photos of the geopark because of the inclement weather. Here are some of the photos we got (care of my friend Myla: Instagram @amd_sales):


Shifen Old Street is located at Pingxi area. It is more famous for its Shifen Waterfall- some 30 minutes walk northeast from the platform area. The Shifen Old Streets are a collection of alleys in and around the railway station area. This was built for transporting coal during the Japanese era.

The sides of the railways are lined up by stores and souvenir shops. This place is also popular for its Sky Lantern Festival. Even if its not the festival day, visitors can still let their wishes fly.

We were excited to write down our wishes and see our lantern fly. You can choose from two types of lantern: the single-colored and the multi-colored. As per their tradition, each color represent a meaning like love, wealth or happiness. We chose a multi-colored lantern so we can wish for many. Hihihi. (Please note that the lantern is not included in the KKday tour payment. We bought the multi-colored lantern at 200 TWD).

My friends decided to buy just one lantern so we can split the cost and we took took turns in writing our wishes at sides of the lantern. It was big enough to accommodate the wishes of five souls. You can tell we had fun writing the desires of our heart.

 First, write your wishes.

 A single-colored lantern cost 150 TWD the multi-colored cost 200 TWD

We got the Red + Yellow + Blue + Pink lantern for Health + Wealth + Promotion + Happiness. Here's us taking a photo with all the sides of our lantern:

Let your wishes fly..

Yes fellas, the lanterns are flown from the railway. And yes, trains still pass by that track!

 Obligatory photo by the tracks.

 And yeah, I wish the railways here in PH are as clean as these.

After the sky lantern release, we checked and bought some souvenirs and 'pasalubong'. We also passed by an old bridge in the place. From there, you get a nice and charming view of Shifen.

 Nougats and 'mochi' for pasalubong.


Being at Jiufen is like a walk back in time. It was once a small isolated town until the discovery of gold in 1893 that quickly developed the town due to gold rush. Traversing the small alleys and lanes at Jiufen can feel like a maze.

Cafe, tea houses, food hubs and souvenir shops are a plenty. It is here where we have to decided to take late lunch and satisfied our cravings. Immerse in authentic Taiwanese cuisines and try delicacies like the stinky tofu, peanut ice cream and lotsa street food!

The most iconic spot in Jiufen is the Amei Tea House. Inside are old style Japanese furnishings and an Oriental culture vibe and of course, their famous tea.

It is said that this is the inspiration behind 'Spirited Away'. So if you're a fan of the Hayao Miyazaki's movie, then you have to stop by this place.

Shengping Theater can also be found in Jiufen. It was built as early as 1914 (some say 1916). It was renovated and was opened to public in 2011 and has been showing old movies daily.

 At my back is the Shengping Theater

Very near the Shengping Theater is this alleyway to the Amei Tea House


I was personally glad that we booked this tour via KKday. Had it been a good weather, we would have enjoyed the beautiful offerings of Yehliu, Jiufen and Shifen more.

We were in a very comfortable bus. We were even provided bottled water. Our tour guide, Bobo, was very efficient, friendly and accommodating. Truly, we had a wonderful trip.

We booked this trip at only Php 1,174. If you wish to book this trip too, just click this LINK. 

KKday offers more than a 200 'experiences' in Taiwan. Here are some that might interest you:

Check KKday website HERE. Follow them on Instagram @kkdayph .

Here's our day 2 in Taiwan. Please Like, Comment and Subscribe na din. :)

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