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Monday, January 22, 2018

Maginoo Essentials: The 5 Reasons Why I Love Slick Tight Pomade

It is always important to look our best everyday. For someone who wants to sport a nice hair, products like wax and clay are a must-have. I remember using gel and suave during my high school days for my hair. To keep up with the latest hairstyle, I used wax and clay for many years. Having a fine hair, I need a clay with a strong hold or else I have to cut again my hair short just to keep the style I want.

Two weeks ago, I finally made the big switch from clay to pomade. My friend introduced me to try Slick Tight Pomade. Yes, I have been seeing a lot of pomade online and on shops but I've always been skeptic to try it. Maybe because I thought it is sooo old school. When I was a kid I would see my uncle use pomade to style his hair. The greasy look and the smell weren't my cup of tea. But pomades are making a comeback nowadays and with a bang! And yes, I am in love with the Slick Tight Pomade!

If you're still using wax or clay for your hair, maybe this would convince you to make that switch, too. Here are the 5 reasons why I love Slick Tight Pomade.

1. It is a healthier option for your hair.

Back when I was using gel in high school, I noticed having starchy hair or flaking. Clay also sometimes give me these white debris. It's embarrassing especially when I'm wearing something dark and it falls on my shoulder. 

After using Slick Tight Pomade, I noticed I hardly had starchy hair.Slick Tight is made of natural ingredients hence, it is healthier for your hair. Some of its variants are also water-based so it is very easy to wash out.

2.  It is easier to manage.

With clay, I have to scoop a sizeable amount in order to style my mane. I have tried strong hold for my hair, but a lot of times it does not work. I have to add more just so my mop stays in place. 

With Slick Tight, I only have to use a pea size amount and it works wonders! Not only is this economical, it also spares my palm from getting that annoying super sticky feel in wax or clay. Of course, depending on your hair, start with a little bit and add more as needed. 

Pomade is best applied in dry hair to give you that texturized look. I don't even have to use a comb because my fingers can do the trick. 

3. A variety of choices on hold and scent.

Depending on how fine or thick your hair is, there is a right Slick Tight pomade made for you. And yes, gone are the days when pomades have that awkward smell. I bet you will love their featured scents. I'm currently using Strawberries and Cream and I like it's fruity fragrance. I heard the Bubble Gum Bastard also smells divine - like you'll feel it's edible. I will definitely try that one, too. 

 Bubble Gum Bastard | P350
Heavy Hold, Medium Shine

 Cool Mint| P350
Strong Hold, Medium Shine

 Sport (Premium Pomade)| P350
Heavy Hold, Medium Shine

 Strawberries and Cream| P350
Strong Hold, Medium Shine

 Vanilla Sandalwood (Premium Pomade)| P400
Medium Hold, Medium Shine

All Scool Cola| P350
Heavy Hold, Medium Shine

4. Ordering is easy.

I'm not really sure if they have a physical store but you may order online and your item/s will be delivered free! Yes, it's free! Placing your order is easy-peasy!
  • Click HERE to check their products.
  • One you have your item, click Add to Cart.
  • Proceed to payment.
5. It gives you that dapper look. 

As I've said, I've tried different hair products and pomade has given my staple that fresh and sleek look. It doesn't appear greasy. Those with dry hair would want to opt pomade that gives better sheen. And I like that Slick Tight gives my hair that medium shine- not really matte, not so shiny. If you want to achieve that preppy look, Slick Tight Pomade had you covered.


I am very much satisfied with Slick Tight Pomade. I don't have a hard time managing a structured or a 'messy' appearance for my hair. Slick Tight gave my hair that flexible hold.  And with so many variety that Slick Tight have, there's always one that can give your hair the slick tight finished you always wanted.

Grab one now. Indeed, it is a Maginoo essential.

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