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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Budget Travel Guide: Malangaan Cave and Spring, San Rafael Bulacan

It was an invitation from a friend that I discovered a hidden sanctuary in San Rafael, Bulacan. It was my first time to hear Malangaan Cave and Spring and I immediately got excited. 

We left Caloocan at 7am. We board a bus going to Angat, Bulacan and was there in an hour. We stopped by Sta. Monica Church first before riding a tricycle to San Rafael. It took us two tricycle rides to reach Barangay Tukod.

It was early morning and we decided to eat breakfast first. We ate in a carinderia that serves typical Pinoy breakfast for a small amount of P25-P30 only! And yes, the food was delicious and it was enough to fuel our body for the morning. ( We had our lunch at this same kiosk with pretty much the same budget).

By 10 am, we scouted for a tour guide that will bring us to the cave. 11 year old Randy, led us the way. Locals told us that this cave was once a place where the guerilla hid during WWII. The sun was shining in all its might that day but it was surprisingly cool in that place. 

The rock formations are gorgeous. Noticeable are the many vandalism by the walls. Seriously people, you're bringing damage to the walls by writing on it. Please bring manners and do not write anything in the place. 

And then it's time to go inside..

Inside, it was pitch dark, Paths are narrow and if you don't have a flashlight with you, be careful with your steps. There are spots with low head room. It took us a while before we reach the opening leading to the exit. Outside, we were surprised to have reached the top!

Our tour guide, Randy, told us there's another trail we can try but we will be going through a small tunnel. Much as we want to try going through it, we were afraid of getting stuck into the small hole. Baka bumara ang mga tyan namin, mga bes. Ekis! :)

During the afternoon, it was time to experience the spring. It was refreshing to have immersed our bodies in the cold water. 

We had a well-deserved rest and relaxation at Malangaan Cave and Spring. Just 2 hours away from Manila, this a very nice respite to be away from the pollution plagued urbanity of living in the city. The whole experience was a feast in my senses and it was nice to reconnect with nature. If you're looking for a relaxing place that will surely take your mind off the frenzy of the metro and within a very small budget, I highly recommend Malangaan Cave and Spring.


Transporation (Bus RT) 85*2 170
Tricycle 1st Ride 22*2 44
Tricycle 2nd Ride 200*2/4 100
Breakfast (day1) 25
Lunch 40
Alak Contri 100
Dinner 40
Breakfast (day2) 30
Cottage (200) 0
Tour Guide 200/4 50
Total 599

Tricycle fare may vary so use your haggling skills. We were also fortunate to have known someone in the place and gave us the cottage for free. 



Ride Aguila Bus going to Angat, Bulacan. From Angat Bus Stop/ Station, walk towards the market and ask for the tricycle going to Pulo. Tell the driver to drop you at the terminal going to Tukod. From there, ride another trike going to Malangaan Cave and Spring. Ask the driver to pick you up because there's no trike that will take you back to Angat.


1. There's no entrance fee but there's a minimal parking fee to those who will be bringing their cars.
2. Cottage can be rented at 200. Those who wish to stay overnight may not find a room accommodation, but there are open nipa huts which can be rented for 500.
3. There are kiosks that serves breakfast and lunch. Small stores are quite a handful too.
4. Use of restroom is at P10.
5. Please get a local tour guide when exploring the cave. The small amount you give them in exchange for their service is a big help.
6. No vandalism please. Let's preserve the natural beauty of the nature. And please throw away your trash properly. 
7. Drop by Tita Winnie's store for a good bowl of 'lugaw' and a hearty lunch.

So there. Have you been to Malangaan? How was your experience? :)

Let's connect.

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