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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

In Photos: Team Building at Phillip's Sanctuary

Storm was brewing that day but I and my office mates were more than determined to participate at our company Team Building at Phillip's Sanctuary, Antipolo.

We were at the place around 8am- we had a quick breakfast, changed working clothes and in no time, we were on a roll.

We were divided in two groups- Team Pak Ganern (where I belong) and Team Alpha Chupa Pi. We were given a short orientation about the whole activity and was instructed to create a short cheering routine.

Our military- inspired team building activities began with the Lagoon Course. At a first glance, it can be intimidating. And who would not? You see ropes and logs in waters. Give me heights, I'm fine with that- but make me balance, that will be a real struggle.


Tight Rope Race

Log Balance

Hala nahulog-log-log..

Rafting Race

I super enjoyed doing this.

Hanging Bridge

Someone's really scared! Ahahaha

Lazada Philippines

U- Bridge

Tension Traverse

Tight Rope

Multi-Line Traverse

Cargo Net


Spider Web

 Lipad, Darna, reverse..ahihihi


10 Foot Wall

 Hila lang!

That's me. Hahahaha
Unity walk
 Laughing as if it was easy. :)

Pole and Tires

 Mabigat ka, bes.

Acid River

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The last part was the OBSTACLE COURSE. We did NET CLIMB, MONKEY BARS and MUD CRAWL. It was unfortunate that we were not able to take pictures while we were doing that leg. :(
But here's our group picture all soaked in mud!

Sige sa mantsa!

At the end of all the challenges, my group, Team Pak Ganern, won. Ah yeah! Team Alpha Chupa Pi only fell short by less than a minute. Yes, it was a tight race. The whole day event sure tested all our muscles, endurance and strength and left our relationship among each other more solid and strong.
Congratulations to me and my office mates for a successful event. Until next year!
Let's connect.

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