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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weekend Getaway: Tayo Na Sa Antipolo

Rain was cascading like a waterfall last Saturday but this did not stop us from wanting to spend the weekend in Antipolo.

Antipolo, a city in the province of Rizal, is just less than 2 hours drive from Metro Manila. I, together with other blogger friends, will be spending the night at Cafe Lupe Hostel.

Cafe Lupe is located at Brgy. Mambugan in Sumulong Highway, Antipolo. The owner, Mr. Alvin Carranza, is a devotee of Our Lady of Guadalupe, hence the name of the place.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by a number of couches at the lobby- it is like inviting us to sit, typical of a Filipino living room. 

I got the 'Mexico Room' and as I open the door , a fragrant smell welcomed me. There are two single beds and I love the coziness inside. The toilet and bath is clean- toiletries are a handy. There's a LED TV for the lazy hours and an electric kettle should you wish to have coffee. The AC unit works perfectly and as it is raining that night, I tucked myself in the warmth of white sheets and had a sound sleep. And yes, I love that I have a veranda, too. :)

Here's a peek inside my room:

We had our meals at Cafe Lupe restaurant. For lunch, we had tinolang manok and grilled liempo. I must have gotten really hungry, I had two cups of rice. During snacks, we had the privilege of eating with the owner, Chef Albright Carranza. The pasta, nachos and the chicken sandwich- I love! We had dinner at the KTV room. We feasted on sizzling sisig, buffalo wings and kadios. Tapsilog was served for breakfast. You can tell our tummies went full.

Immediately after dinner, we belted our hearts out at the videoke. We Pinoys love to sing, right? There's also a live band performing at the bar. It was a fun night- we partied til 2 am!


Antipolo is also known as a pilgrimage site. We paid homage at the Antipolo Cathedral, home to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. I remember frequenting the Church when I was younger- this is where we usually spend our Palm Sunday.

Outside the church, you can buy 'kasuy', 'suman' and other sweets.

Hinulugang Taktak is must visit, too. It had been closed for several years for rehabilitation- now it is open and yes, it is still a sight to behold! Memories of yesteryears came flashing back again as I saw the waters of Hinulugang Taktak. We used to go swimming in this place when I was a kid, and while the falls area is not suitable for swimming for now, there's a pool where one can enjoy. And did I say, the entrance and the use of the pool is for free? Amazing!

Explore the Mystical Cave located at Puting Bato. Why the name? It is for you to find out. :)

Inside are beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Water dripping inside is a good sign that the cave is 'healthy' and alive. Locals even say that the water is a cure to illness. Our guide showed us 'religious formations' and told us that a Mass is also sometimes held inside.

I had a wonderful stay at Cafe Lupe and my weekend at Antipolo was made more memorable by a company of jolly blogger friends. If you're looking for a fun getaway , this a great place to be!

Tayo na sa Antipolo!

Sharing with you the fun times we had:

PS. The overlooking view from Cafe Lupe at night was wonderful.

Heaps of thanks:
Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas, COO, TAG Media

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