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Monday, May 16, 2016

Together Everyone Achieves More: Bloggers Team Building at Tree Top Adventure Baguio

Aesop once said, In union there is strength.

Along with fellow bloggers and staff from Azalea, we had a team building activity at Tree Top Adventure in Baguio.

It is my first time to meet most of the bloggers there and I was excited to participate and compete with the other teams. And yeah, we are directed towards finishing all the challenges. Kaya, #Laban!

My Team:

The activity began with a short cheering competition. Our team bagged 1st place on this leg.

 Green Team aka Good Genes

 Red Team aka Team-Ang

Blue Team aka Team Azalea

And then the series of challenges:

Plank Step
Team members must travel from one station to the other without touching the floor using only the planks provided.

 Practice muna..

 Ganyan pag medyo malulusog sa team hihihi

 Ang sweet!!!

Basta kami, kalma lang :)

Transfer the pingpong ball inside the pipe tube to the other side with letting it drop.

The toughest challenge we hurdled. We were not able to do this successfully, pero masaya. :)

The Helium Stick
At the fastest time, all team members must bring the rod down using only the pointing fingers.

Easy-peasy ;)

ABC Game
Standing back to back with the other team members, each must recite the letters of the alphabet in proper sequence at the shortest possible time.

E! Mariing sigaw ni Jacqui ahihihi

Loop Lift
A test of balance and coordination, team must transfer the loop to the other station without the marbles dropping. 

Seryoso si Mommy Roh! 

Bar Lifter Balancer
A bar lifting challenge that also requires marbles be balanced in bars-- should be done at the fastest time.

Gem Drop
A test of coordination, team has to accomplish a perfect cube drop using pull and push strategy at the fastest possible time.

We finished this task in 9 minutes. One team was not able to accomplish this. 

Treasure Hunt
A puzzle map determines the location of the treasure. Upon retrieval of the treasure, the team has to solve another puzzle.

 Ang lakas maka- Dora the Explorer, di ba? =)

Searching for the treasure..

Can you guess this one? Got this right for my team, Im so proud of myself! 

Over-all, my team has successfully completed all challenges except the pipeline. We had the fastest time in at least 4 challenges. After the scores have been tabulated, we emerged second place. I was hoping for first but yeah, another group (Team Azalea) was faster.

I have been to several team building activities already, but this experience had been the most fun to date. And yes, doing this with people I have known for only 2 days was the best part. We balanced the fun and the seriousness and in my heart, we have won! :)

Tom Wilson once said, Many of us are more capable than some of us, but none of us is capable as all of us.

Corporate Team Building? Worry no more. Tree Top Adventure Baguio (and Subic) had you covered. Check their website here.
Tons of thanks:
Ms. Grace Bondad Nicolas, COO, TAG Media
Tree Top Adventure Baguio
Azalea Residences Baguio

Photo Credit: Sir Eric Tan


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  1. at talagang yang pic ko na yan ang nilagay mo ha! haha
    nice write-up :)

  2. @Go, Taste, Blog-- ang intense mo kasi jan e..hihihi Tenks


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