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Thursday, March 17, 2016

An Open Letter To My Almost Forever

To the guy I've mistaken as Mr. Right:

As cliché as it may sound, I never thought you'd mean this much to me. Who would have known? We were once strangers and instantly, right then and there, I knew I wanted you. As a couple, we were so happy and truly in love. We have touched each other’s lives in so many ways. We were okay. We were doing great. Everything was so perfect until one day, we started to drift apart. I felt something was different. All of a sudden, right in the middle of our normal conversation, you stopped replying. It was the only thing I was afraid of. But it happened anyways.

How did we end up here? I know I've messed up a lot. I screw up too many times. Perhaps I asked you for too much. I admit, I got too jealous and insensitive. I was too selfish to the point that you 
gave up understanding me because I was so complicated and not what you expected me to be. I failed your expectations, I failed you. But I don’t think that is the main reason for this.

Still, I don't understand what went wrong. What happened? Was I so easy to give up? Why? Did you wake up realizing you're not in love anymore? How could you lose your love for me that quick? I don't understand why it was that quick for someone to unlove a person. I just thought our love was strong enough.

I needed answers but I've got my pride and I promised myself I'd never ask you why because I know you somehow and I'm pretty sure you don't have reasons that are valid enough to fill the void that was left in me. I wanted to know the answers but I don't think I can stand hearing the truth.

I wanted you to regret giving up on me. I wanted you to realize that you've wasted us. But after all the chaos and drama, I'm still here. I'm holding on to whatever that's left. There's still so much that I wanted to say to you, too many things I wanted to do with you, and so many emotions I wanted to feel for you. Honestly, a piece of me still wishes, still hopes—just a little—that maybe we could still be together one day. Maybe not now, maybe someday we’ll find ourselves back in each other’s arms. Just maybe.

But if our chapter really ends here, I just wanted you to know that I was more than thankful for that little forever we had for almost three years. I loved you. No, I mean, I still do. And I guess I will always do.

From the sweetest girl you once loved--

Adleriana -- 22 / BS Psychology graduate / HR Practitioner / She has always believed in Alfred Adler's theory that we all have one basic desire and goal: to belong and to feel significant.

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