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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Dimsum Place

After our usual church Sunday activities, I and my friends in my youth org decided to have dinner at the Fishermall. We stumbled upon The Dimsum Place. Glancing at the menu, the food seems very affordable. We decided to give it a try.

Us. Waiting for our food.

And then the food. Ta-daa!

 Steamed Chicken with Chinese Chorizo and Mushroom Rice// P150

 Spareribs with Superior Sauce Rice// P150

 Steamed Vermicelli Rice Roll with Asado//P120

  Steamed Vermicelli Rice Roll with Beef//P130

 Xiao Long Bao// P90

 Steamed Beef balls with Beancurd Sheet// P100

Pork and Shrimp Siomai// P100

 Shark's fins Dumplings// P110

Golden Cake// P120

All of us ordered a rice bowl. Both variants, I love. The chorizo was really flavorful and the spareribs super tasty!

Inferness sa Vermicelli Roll with Asado at sa Shark's fins dumpling, pumatok sa dila namin! They were so yummy, we ordered a 2nd set! The Vermicelli Roll with Beef was another fave too. And how can one resist the siomai?! I can eat that forever!

Im not a fan of Xiao Long Bao though. Not that it isnt good, but the watery texture isn't fine on my tongue. 

The golden cake was like 'piniping buchi'. A timid sweet munch after all we've eaten.

We really enjoyed everything. Sa sobrang enjoy namin, mukhang may namumuong low pressure area dito sa dalawa.. Ahihihi.

 O ayan, nagsusubuan pa.. a-yiiiii!!! :P

Over-all the food was great. And really not bad for the price. Service should be improved though. Two of our rice bowls took forever and a day before it was served.

And I wish they have taller drinking glasses or they can just provide pitcher of water per table.

But yeah, our tummies were happy!


P.S. I adore their hanging lamps! Can I take them home?! :)

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