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Friday, May 23, 2014

Ocean Park, Hongkong

We had a vacation in Hongkong last week. Yi-haa!

Onboard Cathay Pacific last 14 May, we touched down Hongkong around 7.20am. After checking in at Rambler Hotel, off we went to Ocean Park. Agad-agad!

I've seen pictures of my father taken here back in the day-and I was more than excited to experience Ocean Park too.

The cable car ride:

The rides were fun!

I survived The Abyss!
That's me in orange pants..ahihihi..

Up the Ocean Park Tower is a beautiful view of the place.

The kid inside me was super happy!
(Sareeee, photos are not allowed while riding)

 Ferris Wheel


 Crazy Galleon- ang nagpatili ng bongga sa mga kasama ko..ahihihi

The Rapids--one shouldn't miss this! I super like!

The sea lion and dolphin show at the Ocean Theatre was jaw dropping..

The Grand Aquarium took us to the depths of the ocean.

A whole day is not enough to experience everything Ocean Park has to offer. It was tiring since we have to walk all the time-most are uphill, mind you- but despite the aching feet, we sure had a great time. :P


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