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Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Is My Best Year

2014 is my best year- yes, Im starting the year with a positive vibe.

I dont believe in making new year's resolution. Mas naniniwala ako sa formula na:

I x V = R or Imagination x Vividness = Reality

That is why every year, I prepare my vision board. I cut out pictures of what I want to have and accomplish for this year. Many years ago, I prepared a vision board of my long term goals, and yes, I have actualized much of it already!

I am motivated to make 2014 my best year and these are the list of things I'm keeping in mind to make this year fantastic!

shot taken at Coron, Palawan back in 2009

1. More 'Me' Time

We all live a busy life. Work, family, labada during weekends. And yes, finding a good 8 hours sleep is sometimes a luxury already. For this year, I want to devote more 'me time' by having more staycations, like literally idling and chilling (read DOING NOTHING) during holidays and weekends (Saturdays perhaps).

Everyday, I want to commit to a 10-15 minutes of doing nothing to be alone in my thoughts.

At least once a month, I will try to pamper myself with a massage.

2. Be More Grateful

To say Thank You everyday for all the small and big things.To keep the habit of praying and to try not to skip Sunday Masses. To count all the blessings I receive and make sure I give back.

3. Information Overload

I plan to have more information overload by reading 1 book every month, watch more movies and docus and read more important news item. Tama na muna ang Pep.ph at iba pang gossip sites. :)

If finances permit, Im thinking of going back to school and study more. 

4. Explore

For this year, I would like to stay out of my comfort zones and discover more potentials in me. I have long wanted to try a new sport since Im not really a sports buff. Maybe water polo or equestrian or pole vault. Lolz.

I would like to try zip lining and climb a mountain. I would also like to try baking.

Maybe I can look for a new work this year. Explore a different work position, new work environment or try applying for work abroad! :)

5. Save

I would want to guarantee that my sisters will graduate in college, so Im putting 101% of love in my work (as I always do). Pag mahal mo ang trabaho mo, mamahalin ka din nya and for sure you will reap the success of your hard work. I plan to save for a car and something for my future too. 

Kaya for this year, tatanggap na ako ulit ng labada kapag Linggo, magtitinda ng longganisa at load sa opisina at sasali sa mga reality shows. Chos.

I'm doing freelance hosting so for those who wants to have a bubbly wedding or debut reception, please contact me. Ahihihihi

Here are some more goals I hope to accomplish this year:

-Places to visit-

Vigan/ Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte/ Hongkong/ Bali, Indonesia

- Attend-
At least 1 seminar or conference/ more bloggers' event/ more occasions with friends (birthdays, weddings, binyag, labada and more) 

- More 'rakets'-
Host more weddings, debut, birthday parties

- More 'cuddle' time-
More MOL (moments of love) with babykoi. More yakap, more necking errrr more sweet moments and more pictures together. :)

- Splurge-
Power bank/ Hard Drive/ More shoes and clothes/ New camera

- House Kempar-
Maximize my abode's space and use a portion of the front lawn for house extension.

- Be nicer-
The ultimate challenge. lolz.
Smile more often. Laugh louder. Extend patience to the maximum ( goodluck!). Be less critical. Be more appreciative and compliment more people.

- More Blog-ags and Tsugugs Chever-
I will strive to write more entries as possible and hopefully gain more followers and readers.

Today is page 3 of 365 and Im determined to make the most of the coming days.

How about you, what are your 2014 plans? :)


  1. At dahil andami mong balak this year ay pababaunan kita ng isang... POWER HUG! lels.. Pero seryoso andami nga.. Asan yung visual board mo. You should have taken picture of it and post it here.

  2. Hi June, I have 362 days to accomplish that.. will try my very best hahaha

    I dont normally post my vision board on my blog. If you happen to visit me in my house, baka makita mong nakadikit dun :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. I will definitely adopt your formula,bec just like you, non-believer din ako ng new year's resolution ek-ek na yan,you do not need any special day to change for the better.
    and yes, we need to absorb more info,specially me,mahirap maging senior citizen na walang alam, lol!!!

  4. So much effort ha.. dadalaw pa! hahaha. I wanna see it!

  5. You make it! I love the one saving for your sister:) I've done that before..dalawa pa nga and now they are all professional and license holder.

    Dr would be times that you will feel like asking yourself why your doing it. Always hold on to your list or bucklist and enjoy small things for sure you can make all of the them! kaya aja para syo!

  6. @ Sunny Toast, salamat sa suporta. 'hugs' dalawa nga silang scholar ko ngayon.. yeah, a little bit hurting sa wallet but God is good-and as always, He provides. :) Thanks for visiting my page. I appreciate it :)


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