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Monday, November 25, 2013

2Travel. 2Cruise. 2Go (Part 1)

..Sailing, takes me away to where I've always heard it could be/ Just a wind and the dream to carry me/ Soon I will be free..

Kasalukuyan kong pinapatugtog ang awitin ni Christopher Cross na 'Sailing' nang mag-ring ang aking cellphone.

Sheila Padilla, my friend from Tagline was on the other line.

'Hello, Allan, gusto mong sumama sa bloggers' meet ng 2Go? Nov.19-21. Wala kang gagastusin. Sasama ka lang.'

'Ha? 3 days akong magli-leave..Pwede bang pag-isipan ko muna?'

'O sige, let me know agad ha. Nagso-shortlist na kasi kami ng blogger participants.'

'OK, sasama ako.'

Hodevah and bilis? Ahihihi. Wala ng patumpik-tumpik pa! Join agad. Aba, bihira ang ganitong invitation 'no! So check yan! May dalang swerte yata ang kanta ni pareng Christopher Cross. Imma go cruisin' baby!

I love to travel. If my sked and finances permit, I'd travel. I'm always in awe on what a certain place would bring me. I have been to Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Coron, Antulang Beach and Apo Island in Dumaguete, Caramoan Islands, Bangkok and Singapore via plane.

To be invited to go to Iloilo and Bacolod and board via 2 Go Travel, would be different. Perstaym ko atang magbabarko. Yes, I've been to Marinduque several times already, but that was a much smaller vessel.

This is going to be exciting! I was so excited and I just can't hide it that I had a hard time sleeping the night before the trip. Ganun ako ka-excited. Parang bata lang. :)) I dont wanna be late on the next day's assembly so I counted sheep to fall asleep.. 1 sheep, 2 sheeps.. zzzzzzzz Borlog agad. Chos.

Nov. 19, 10am at The Hub- dito ang tagpuan. 

The Hub is a luxurious lounge for 2Go passengers.It is located near Rizal monument and beside the Chinese Garden in Rizal Park.


Mr. Stephen Tagud, VP and Passages Business Commercial Officer officially opened the event and welcomed the bloggers.

After eating lunch,we were transported to the port via the 2Go shuttle. Spell bonggels?!

It wasn't more than 10 minutes and we were at the port!

No, this is not NAIA. This is the Manila North Port. Stylish, comfortable seating, and inviting.

And then the 'bida' of this entry. Drum roll please....

We were given a State Room, joining me inside the room are 3 other bloggers.

At aminin, may bath tub! Hodevah? :) sana kasama ko si babykoi para sabay kami nag-tub. Ahihihihi

At may freebies from 2Go with a personal note from Sir Stephen Tagud! Isn' this sweet?  'tears' :)

Let me show you around the vessel..

Presenting the rooms tailored fit for every traveler's budget:

The Airline Seater

 The Mega Value Room

 The Tourist Room
The Suite Room.. definitely, pang-mayaman! Ahihihihi

I can't believe one can have a hotel-feel inside a ship. Super nice!

I know most of us are having hesitations riding a ship due to safety reasons. But worry not! It's super safe- kaliwa't kanan ang mga safety precautions:

Life Jackets are within your reach..

Should you feel sick, there's a clinic and the attendants are on 24 hours stand by..

But wait, there's more! On my next entry, I'll show the beautiful dining area, a VIP access to the Captain's bridge and the roof deck, the event hall where we, bloggers, had major fun plus a lot more!

Lahat ng yan sa pagbabalik ng 'Buzz..ng Bayan!' Chos.


  1. Mas bongga kung ang bath tub eh punong-puno ng moohlah di bah!!Parang napoles lang ang peg! lol!
    Ganda ng room nyo,bakit di nyo kami invite?

  2. Nakakabitin nman! Ang ganda ha infairness! :)

  3. Gawin mo na agad ang part2.. Wag mo na kaming atatin.. Please... Thanks!

  4. Thanks for Sharing. mag-2go sana ako going Palawan but decided not to kase nakakita ng sale na air ticket and medyo di kalayuan ang price..maybe I'll try this next time..not my first time though kase maliliit pa lang kame sumasakay na kame ng barko barko from CDO to Cebu.. Anyway, will be waiting for the next part, I'd like to see more.

  5. @ Ate Willa, ai oo nga,,mas masaya kung maraming moolah sa bath tub hahaha..mas maganda ata room nyo e..naka suite kayo di ba? state room lang samen..pero maganda din naman :)

  6. @Mylaphot and @cris.. will be posting the next part the soonest hahaha..

  7. @Potipot..the experience inside the vessel is already a vacation..sana next time, makapag2Go ka na din..ipush mo din na tayo magkasama sa trip na yun..di pa tayo nakagala e.hehehe

  8. Ang shala naman ng vacation mo, sis!


  9. @ Gandara..next time, iexperience nyo din ang 2Go! Lessgo to Coron with Blyth, Myla and Celeste! :)

  10. WOW 2Go! ganda! para ka lang nasa Hotel ah.. Gawing TOUR na yan next year. :)


  11. @Maldita, indeed a different feel of traveling experience. Mag 2Go na! :)

  12. Wow Lan ang nice parang sa mga cruise line ung state room at suite nila. Cruise line ba ang 2go like Princess and Royal Caribbean cruise? Friend mo din pla si Willa, sis ko yan e :)

  13. Cruise line ba sila Lan like Princess and Royal Caribbean? It's really nice. You did a good job your blog makes me want to try them.

    Ate Marlyn

  14. Ate Marlyn, Yes, I met Ate Willa sa event. Nasabi ko nga sa kanya na kilala kita. Small world talaga :)

    Actually, di sya cruise line, but yeah, may cruise feel di ba? For the many travelers who are accustomed to riding the plane, this is an option that one should highly consider :)

  15. Natawa ako na sana kayo ni babykoi ang nag bath tub. Hahaha. Betchina ko mga ganyan! Very R16! 16! HAHAHA

  16. you meean 4 kau dun sa 2 single size beds? what if hindi mo naman kilala yung kaatabi mo? oh my.


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