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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Caramoan Diaries

I'm a big SURVIVOR (series) fan. It amazes me that on the 25th and 26th season of US Survivor, the crew went to to our very own Caramoan. Since then, I've always been intrigued to visit the place.

A beach- lover that I am, sumugod kami sa Caramoan last 24-26 March! We were in Legaspi na last 23 March then off to Naga by late afternoon. The following day, March 24, we headed to Caramoan Islands. (I'll post a separate Bicol lagalag entry soon.)

So from Naga, we left Villa Caceres Hotel around 4am to head to Port Nato. RORO ang drama namin dun. More than an hour ang ship trip to the Caramoan Islands.

As we approach Caramoan port, we were greeted by this:

May rainbow! Nice welcome, right?!

We arrived at Breeze and Waves around 10am. Quick breakfast lang and off we went to island hopping Day 1!

Breeze and Waves Cottages. Super accommodating staff, great food, nice and clean rooms which can house 3-4 persons.
TRIVIA: This is where the staff and crew of US Survivor stayed. :)

So here's our Island hopping Day 1:

Lahos Island

Matucad Lagoon

Kaylangan mong mag-rock climb to see this beautiful lagoon. The climb isnt easy- matarik at matutulis ang bato. Effort din ang pag-alam kung paanong hakbang at kapit ang gagawin mo sa pag-akyat. But the climb is very rewarding pagdating sa tuktok, as you can see in the pics.

Locals say, this is a mystical lagoon. When you go there, you have to ask your guides about the story on that lagoon. Ang sabi ng mga taga-doon, nagpapakita lang daw sa mga piling guests ang bangus sa lagoon (see pic 2). The bangus is said to be 6kilos. Imagine kung paano syang napunta diyan sa itaas. Another kwento is that there is another bangus there. So dalawa yan, kung ano ang hiwaga sa pagkawala ng isa pang bangus-that you have to discover.

From above, here's the view:

Cagbalinad Island

There's a small cave in this spot. But there's really not much to see inside. As in pagpasok mo, paexit ka na din. Hehehe. That short.

On our way back to Breeze and waves, you'll pass by this:

Trivia: 1 Survivor Caramoan challenged took place here. It's so tanaw na from Breeze and Waves. :)

Island Hopping Day 2:

Cutibas Island

TRIVIA: This is where Jeff Probst welcomed the castaways of Survivor Caramoan. When I set foot at this island, I immediately recognized the place. Nakaka-proud! hahaha

Manlawi Island aka Sandbar

This is my favorite spot in Caramoan. Cute sya kasi the waters are in low tide. The white sand is as fine as Boracay's. Feeling ko nasa Maldives ako. Lolz.

Bag-ing and Sabitan laya Islands

Tabgon Grotto

527 steps para marating ang chapel sa itaas. Kaylangan mag-stretching para di manginig ang mga binti nyo. And  if you want to  reach Mama Mary's image sa hill, it's 25 steps more pa siguro.. From the top you'll have the magnificent view of the whole Caramoan Islands and Catanduanes. Amazing!

The chapel up the hill..

 I love:
-The Sandbar
-The warm accommodation from Breeze and Waves Cottages(B&W)
-Chill lang, as in kwentuhan by the sea lang when you get back to the cottages as there is no night-life here. (May videoke sa B&W, though and you can order beer there)
-The CRAB, must try in B&W
- The place is so laidback--no signal for Globe and Sun subscribers, no ATM (meron sa sentro)

I hate (ng very light lang naman)
- Not much sanctuary of fish from where we went, so snorkeling enthusiasts will get a little frustrated on this.

There's much to visit pa in the Caramoan. Unfortunately, those spots are far to reach and will take a longer stay to visit them. 

As Ive heard, 12 countries have shoot Survivor in the islands- if these countries loved our place, why shouldn't we? Definitely a place you need to visit.

Go na.

P.S. Don't forget to stop by St. Michael Cathedral before you leave Caramoan. :)

So there! :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots, tips and things-to-do there. Would love to be in and out of the beautiful PI as soon as I have time. I'm gonna take you for sure, so get your things packed! haha! Dreamin' best..but really, would love to do that..maybe I should start writing my own blog about Thailand, what do you think? And fb account will be deleted for sure haha! Great blog as always :)

  2. Huwaw! itong post na ito ang nakakainggit. Grabe, wish I was there. Ito yung mga pics na nakikita ko lang sa lifestyle mags. Sana makita ko rin ito for myself in the future...Nice post!

  3. Ganda ng mga pics! parang galing sa lifestyle mags. Ibang klase talaga nag ganda mga beaches natin. Parang mas maganda pa ito sa Bora..

  4. @ Carly, best..i would love to travel with you.. I wonder why i didn't post anything about my Bangkok visit.. Maybe I should write one when i revisit. Bring me to Phuket please! :)

    Go, pursue blogging. Im sure you'll have so many thoughts to share.

  5. @ littleyana.. thank you for appreciating my shots. tsamba lang yan.. hehehe

    Maganda naman ang Caramoan, to be fair, but I liked El Nido and Coron more. I hope to you can visit Caramoan too. Im pretty sure you'll fall in love with the place. :)


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