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Monday, April 16, 2012

The 30 Reasons Why I Love You

1. Your smile that brightens up my day.
2. The sweet messages you usually send.
3. That laugh, distinctly yours.
4. For constantly reminding me that I needed some  rest too.
5. For making 'hadlang' on my friends' invitation for some drinking spree.
6. With you I anger less quickly.
7. Your photos wipe my stress away.
8. Hearing your voice rejuvenates me.
9. You're gullible- and everything I say is always 'benta' to you.
10. You entrust me of your stories.
11. You 'nursed' me when I was once sick.
12. You have the most beautiful eyes.
13. You run the silliest.
14. Thinking of you fills me a wonderful feeling.
15. Those small gestures that speak volumes about how much you care.
16. Your intelligence and that big sense of responsibility.
17. Your best foot forward attitude and for always thinking out of the box.
18. You are simply irresistible.
19. Having you around makes things seem easier.
20. Because you add color to my life.
21. In spite of my imperfections, you never judged me.
22. With you, life is a gazillion times fun!
23. You're always popping in my thoughts.
24. You are the person you are.
25. You are the beat in my heart.
26. For seeing the beauty within me.
27. You made me realize that I can open myself again for a new love.
28. The day shines the brightest just thinking of you.
29. For being one of my greatest blessings.
30. For the little things that you do.


  1. @ Joice..30 pa lang naisip ko..gusto ko sana 100 reasons..hahahahaha

  2. havey na havey Kuya A!! Ikaw na ang Inlababo! :).

  3. ako lang ang inlababo..hahaha 'sya' ata hindi..lolz

    sino ka po starsNeiks?ahihihi


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