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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Temptation Island Famous Lines

Temptation Island is a 1980 Filipino film directed by Joey Gosiengfiao starring four beauty contest title-holders; Azenith Briones (Miss Photogenic, Mutya ng Pilipinas 1975), Jennifer Cortez (Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 1978), Bambi Arambulo (Miss Maja Pilipinas 1977) and Dina Bonnevie (1st Runner-up, Miss Magnolia 1979). Written by Toto Belano, the film is about a group of beauty contest finalists stranded in a desert island without food, water and shelter.source

Temptation Island is so campy and considered to be the most 'gay'est Pinoy movie ever! If I'm sad and I wanna have enormous laughs, I'll immediately play a copy of this film. This movie is so deliciously funny!

The lines I love:

1. Careful, careful now. Mahirap atang i-achieve and golden tan!

2. You see, I'm a crook and a damn good crook. And I can tell another crook when I see one - tulad mo.

3. OH, it's a bright sunny day!
O, bakit nakasimangot kayong lahat?Maria, ang sun tan ko nga!
Opo senorita
As to what im saying, its a bright sunny day. A day in the light of the sun. This is how I begin my day, an hour of tender loving care, in the 8 o clock sun shine. Yan ang secreto ng aking youthful complexion. Parang nasa tabi lang tayo ng swimming pool!

4. Ang lalakas naman ng loob niyong sumali, eh hindi naman kayo magaganda!!

5. Walang tubig. Walang pagkain... 'Di magsayaw na lang tayo!

6. Mag alis kayo ng panty kung gusto ninyo, but my panty stays right where it is!

7. Maraming klaseng puta. May big time, may small time. Puwes, big time ako!

8. Everybody needs a shipwreck once in a while.

9. Kung sabagay hindi rin kita napansin, pandak pandak mo kasi eh, tatabi tabi ka sa towering height ko, must have been my fault, Bitch!

Double bitch!

10. Hay! who knows? Kasalukuyang kumakain ako ng pagkalaki laking hotdog ng sandaling yon. Sabotage, an accident, and a twist of fate, who knows?
In the final analysis that Don Teodoro for you, pagbalik natin sa Maynila, naku, idedemanda ko ang matandang yan for constructing his yacht with cheap materials.

11. What about my Flat, my Mercedez, my money, my jewels, my gourmet's kitchen? My God kahapon lamang kumakain ako ng pagkasarap sarap na fried chicken and cold rose wine. And now, I would sell my soul to the devil for a glass of fresh water..

12. Why don't you be yourself for a change! There ought to be a law against social climbers. You ought to be executed!

13. Suzanne; Oh my god!

Azenith: Oh? Sana marinig ka!

14. Sabihin mo kay vicente na ihanda na ang mercedes na charcoal gray!Mas gusto ko na yata magpahatid, para i can leave anytime i want! Late entrance, early exit!! yan ang dramatic! pakitaan ko nga siya!

and my peborit..

15. What are beaches for than to bitch around with fellow bitches?!

And now that there's a 2011 version, Im so excited to see the remake!

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