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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kris Aquino In Noy's Cabinet

If Kris will be part of President elect Noy's cabinet, where should she be?

Imagine if she's appointed as the Spokesman.Hmmm...pwede, we all know Kris can very well carry a conversation.

But what if a cabinet press member asked a personal question? Kris would probably pout and say: " Ayoko ng question mo, next please? A-ha-ha-ha!"

If Kris becomes Noy's spokesperson, she'll probably say more things about herself than the issue.
Say, she is to tell everyone that the President will have an official conference in Bangkok:

Kris: "Our President Noy Aquino will be in Bangkok during the weekend. I told him nga that Bangkok is a haven for super murang mga everything. We were there before and Baby James really like it there. We went to visit the crocodile farm there. Josh even tried to ride the elephant. Hubby was telling me to try riding too,pero no-no, I said,,di ko kaya.. So ayun, going back, our President will be on an official engagement this weekend in Bangkok..."

So I think she better be somewhere else, not as the spokesperson. How about as the Dept. of Tourism Secretary?

Kris promoting places in Pinas: Mga Kababayan, this month po is Tourism awareness month. As we all know, we have super beautiful places here. A-hahaha..You should try Bohol. We were there before and the tarsier was super cute..I love their the chocolate hills-ang ganda! you should see it!A-hahaha!

Hmmm. looks like she'll be a good Tourism secretary. Im pretty sure the Tourism industry will boom. We all know how good she is in endorsing, right?
Or how about as MMDA chair?

Kris: There's a resolution na po that all tindera's will have uniform na. Pink for the ladies and Baby blue naman for the men. Kasi di ba, di naman porke nagtitinda e wala ng karapatang maging maayos ang pananamit. So para cute, I asked na rin my friend Rajo to design their uniforms and grabe, I saw it already and they are so cute!!! For the aisles of Metro Manila, we will be planting flowers there,para colorful. In Makati we started planting colorful daisies already. Next in our list is QC-mga Malaysian mumps naman..Ang cute di ba?

Pwede di ba?

Pwede din syang MTRCB chair, since nasa showbiz naman sya talaga.

Kris: The body has reviewed na po my latest film with Star Cinema and they gave it an A.Grabe, Im super proud po. Kasi ang ganda talaga ng film, pinagpaguran po talaga namin ito. Nagpapasalamat din po ako sa mga members ko kasi napansin nila talaga na maganda. To clear things lang, sila po ang nagreview. Wala po ako sa mga nag-review dun kasi po nasa starring role ako so di nyo pwedeng isipin na may say ako sa rating na binigay nila..

O di ba pwede din?

Well, whether she'll be engaged in her brother's official pool, that won't really be a problem with me. I love Kris.But I'm pretty sure she and her other sisters would rather be behind their brother's back.

In the seemingly chaotic world of Philippine politics, a Kris persona will definitely add more color to it. =))
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