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Monday, November 23, 2009

Fab Finds at Dapitan

During Yuletide Season, I and some friends visit Dapitan, Espana for Christmas stuffs. ( Year-round, the place has the most amazing native products and ceramic displays! You wouldn't leave the place without buying something. )

I love Dapitan. Not only are there fab finds, the best thing is that the prices of the items are uber affordable. Go na!

I like these !

These, I would love to collect!

Maskaras for P50-P250..I'll get these on my next visit!
These colorful bottle chandeliers are a cutie!

Reminds of the bottle chandelier in Kawayanan Grill in Coron, Palawan:
My Ninang got the two items for P50 only! These would cost hundreds in the mall!

Aren't these garlands pretty?

And these would make lovely centerpieces!

Priced at P200-P500..Di na masama!
I'm so in love with these slim Christmas trees!

I saw a Christmas tree similar to these which aren't adorn with design. I bought two priced at P50 each. Nice catch right? At home, I recycled our other Christmas decor and put it on the trees I bought, and voila! I attained a similar look of the above!
I got two clear vases priced at P50 each ( similar item is priced at P150-P250 at the mall), a native rectangular basket ( perfect for all my CD's ) at P50 too, 10 pine cones at P7 each, 2 slim table Christmas tree ( similar to the one shown above,minus the decorations of course ) at P50 each, one angel candle holder at P35 ( which I transformed into an elegant looking one ) and a hanging Santa Claus for P200 (priced at 400-700 at the mall!).
Not only was I able to save much, I was able to unleash my creativity too! Im proud!
For those who haven't decorated their homes yet and for the many who are still thinking of adding more Christmas touches, Dapitan is the place to go.
As Ive said, not only are there fab finds, you can also haggle the price!
Takbo na sa Dapitan!


  1. what were the christmas tree cones made of? :) i'm looking for cones that are non-styro kasi. :)

  2. hi maye, those are real pine cones..mura lang yan dun :)


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