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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Erap Set to Last Performance

"One more chance and that's it. It's really the last performance of my life. I have no more ambition in life except that when I exit, I be remembered as the man who championed the cause of the masses."
-Erap Estrada

OMG! Erap is STILL on IT!

Yesterday, he declared his presidential bid for 2010.

I wonder why after he was already ousted by the Filipinos then, he still insists in running..Please, it was so obvious he did us a great deal of lies--is he planning to do the same things again? Our nation has been through a lot-and we don't want to be in those shoes again..We need someone who has genuine intentions of helping the nation and its people..Many of us has heard his words already--not again this time..

Probably, he has forgotten this already:

And didn't his 'PARDON' bars him from running?The pardon has a provision which says: "Whereas Joseph Ejercito Estrada has publicly committed to no longer seek any elective position or office."
Estrada agreed to the pardon after he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for plunder or large-scale corruption in 2007 following a six-year trial. He was charged with taking bribes from gambling lords and stealing from state coffers.

As for me, we wanted new faces in the governmnet--new faces with good track records.

Election is nearing,let's vote wisely.

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