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Friday, August 28, 2009

I want!

Yesterday, I was looking for a possible house..Our landlord told us they have plans of selling their property already. Although not sure yet, but who knows, one day they might be knocking on our door- asking us to leave.

I dont have the finances to buy a house..My salary wouldn't even suffice a decent apartment. But dreams are for free. And given the money and the chance,like many, I dream of having my own house.
If I'll have my own house, I want these:

For the living room:

or this cozy room:

My mother tends a small garden, so Im sure she'd be delighted to have a pocket garden.
I would like to sip my coffee here:

My sisters wouldn't mind sharing beds in this room:

I've always wanted to have a black and white room.Sleeping on this room would be fab.

I would like to hang my pictures here:

This aquablue room is also funky!

And this room will be hard to resist ( I just hope I can sleep with the bright yellow and orange colors!):

And having this modular workstation really rocks!

My cute pamangkin Althea will surely like this room:

Her things will be much organized in this:

This will be ultimate!

"Pangarap ka na lang ba o magiging katotohanan pa"...so goes the song..
I hope it wouldn't take me a lifetime working to realize this. Oh Lord, I want these! =))

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