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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beauty Pageant Q and A

model only..
The Q and A portion of any beauty pageant is the most anticipated part of almost everyone.

I saw the ff in the archives of Pinoyexchange forum..aylavet!

Kung kayo ay contestant sa beauty contest. anung sagot niyo sa "If you could have one wish, what would it be?":D

Mga Sagot:


anyway, im a guy, yet my answer would be:

That wish would be for the paradise to be brought back as it was billions of years ago that people doesnt have to suffer, they didnt have to starve, and die because of poverty... the particular time that i'd want to be in was the time when Eve was about to eat the apple and how i wish i was able to stop her...


* Deep sigh first* then *Smile *

"I've come this far and I would not want to miss this chance. If I had one wish, though it may be selfish, it would definitely be winning the crown to this pageant. Am I predictable? "*

then I'd give a hearty laugh* :lol:


"Sana ho, sana ho .. um... um.. sana ho, magkaron na po ng WORLD PEACE sa Mindanao

:beam:wahahaahhahahaha!!! :rocker:

I wish maglaho na parang bula si Kris Aquino!


MY wish is that sana there would be enough money for everyone para wala ng mangungutang, wala na ring magpapautang, wala ng magugutom at titigil na rin ang ikot ng mundo kasi money makes the world go round. Kung maraming pera, wala ng point para pag-agawan pa ito. Money rules!(..pero hindi ako mukhang pera oy! Practical lang)


If i had one wish, it would be to have cure for all the kinds of sickness so that innocent people who have not done anything wrong, dont have to suffer..



"To be the new Miss Universe!" . eh kaya nga ako nasa pageant di ba para manalo.Then, it will be the start of something like promoting goodwill to other countries or other asian nations, promote tourism not only to the host country but to the Philippines as well.

Twisted 1982


Well, ladies and gentlemen fisrt a pleasant evening to all of you. To answer the question of our lovely host, I would definitely wish for something that we all would need. I would wish for the whole of the Philippines to be air-conditioned. ladies and gentlemen we all of course know ladies and gentlemen that our country is a tropical one ladies and gentlemen. This, I think would solve, ladies and gentlemen will help solve our economy ladies and gentlemen!

In the deepest of my heart, i truly, sincerely, and unselfishly hope for the awakening of miss michelle reyes: emotionally, intellectually and morally-that is,...and sana makatagpo na nya ang manliligaw sa kanya at seseryosohin sya...hindi lang dahil maganda sya, matalino at popular, kundi dahil busilak ang kanyang puso at kalooban...that and, world peace ...


My wish would be to have the Garden of Eden back and all of us would live there happily ever after.

(Ngiting pang-notebook.):D



Umm... wish ko lang po upon a star na sana po magkaroon ng world peace of mind on earth at sana ma-heal ang world to make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race po para maging happy ang lahat ng tao po because i do believe that true beauty comes from happiness and you are so beautiful to me po, i thank you, BOW.

So, who do you think will bag the crown? =))

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