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Monday, June 8, 2009


Last Sat, I opened my PC at home to check mails and accounts and found out it had been infected by virus.May lumalabas na 'System Shutdown'. Nag-worry ako..I feel really helpless pag may ganyang nangyayari sa PC ko. I texted my friends who are knowlegeable in these problems,but I did not get a response..Now Im more than worried..HELP!!!

2 weeks ago, I checked on my weight and Im nearing 60kilos already. Im worried..konti..anlaki na kasi ng tummy ko.. I find it a lil hard wearing my shirts. Even the pants I wear as uniform at office hardly fits my waist.

Last week too, inaatake ako ng gastos syndrome..Worried ako kasi lumulobo na naman ang credit card bills ko. I was able to settle all my card bills after having been approved in a financial loan last year,but here I am again.. Although, slightly manageable,Im a lil worried pa rin..I have a lot of things to buy on mind..Hay, I wish I can control my gastos attack!

Worried ako kasi dumarami ang A(H1N1) cases in our country. Im not sure if the country is really prepared for these. Just this morning, I received an SMS that Bulacan has one confirmed case too.

Im worried with our weather. For the whole week it's raining..yesterday,it was hot! Ngayon uulan,mamaya titigil. Im worried dahil baka maraming tikbalang na ang nagpapakasal..Sabi ng matatanda, pag daw umaaraw at umuulan,may kinakasal na tikbalang. But seriously, Im worried that we have caused so much damage to our mother Earth. I wish everyone can see the docu 'An Incovenient Truth' so many will become aware of the present status of our planet.

I feel like I'll always be late coming to office because of the many defective LRT trains. Just last week, I got stranded twice. This morning, I left at around 6.45am only to get hassled again at V. Cruz station because of another defective train. Im worried, most of the trains are in ' wear and tear' already---some trains had been in existence for more than 20 years.. Without LRT, I'd be doomed!=((

I've read in an entertainment Portal that Bayani Fernando is planning to release a song album.. Nag-worry ako..anu kaya ang naisip nya para tanggapin sa kaibuturan ng kanyang pagkatao na may bibili ng kanyang album?

I watched Harapan (a presidential forum at ABS) last night..Im worried because it seems Erap is still looking at the possibility of running for office again. Nakalimutan na ata nya na pinatalsik na sya ng mamamayan dati..

Nag-worry din ako dahil buong-buo sa puso ni Fernando na he is very qualified to run as President. Honestly, I dont think his experience as Marikina mayor will be sufficient enough to run this whole country. Considering many are also not overwhelmed with how he handles the MMDA. The same feeling goes to Mayor Binay. Ginawa na dati ni Mayor Lim, but he lost in the presidential bid.

Im worried dahil kung sino-sino na nag nag-aambisyon na tumakbo sa government seats. Everyone wants to be in power..But few really wants to help and save the nation.

Just this weekend, another scandal involving an estafa case of Jose Manalo and his wife circulated the news. I learned this had been brought up in the Senate too for hearing. Im worried that our respected senators are giving more time to things like these rather than resolve things for our farmers, the education and our health.

Im also worried that our Congressmen are pushing hardly the ConAss. Ive always felt nothing is really wrong with the constitution. Mas malala ang problema dahil sa mga corrupt officials at sa di pagtupad sa isinasaad ng konstitusyon.

Im worried that I've been worrying a lot. This is not me..Lord, give me the confidence to keep my feet from the snare.

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