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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bring it on!

I was at the Crowne Plaza Galleria yesterday for the Supervisory Leadership Development seminar.It was a priviledge to be given this oppurtunity by our management.

Mr. Jesse Francis Rebustillo, AVP for classified ads of the Phil. Daily Inquirer facilatated the affair. He is very high-spirited and very alive. I enjoyed every second listening to him.

Sir Jesse discussed the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey. Though Im very much familiar with that as this has always been discussed in the many leadership seminars that I have attended, this one came different since this is of a 'supervisory' perspective.

The habits:
* Be Proactive
* Begin with the end in mind
* Put First things first
* Think win-win
* Seek first to understand, then to be inderstood
* Synergize
* Sharpen the Saw

Here are some points he brought up as extras:

All supervisors must be knowledgeable of almost everything.. Because it is a reality that subordinates are always envious of his supervisor. There will always be someone who will challenge the position of a supervisor. If this is the case, always make it a point to establish that you are very comfortable in your position. Always watch the news. Read the paper. Read magazines---from Newsweek to OK Magazine to FHM!Read a lot. Watch plays. Go to malls. Listen to different types of music.A supervisor must be conversant in every topic.

" Wala ng pangit ngayon". All supervisors must be vanidosa. Have a good representation. Invest in good clothes. Girls must always wear make-up. Wear perfume. Di dapat 'putok' ang pabango mo.. Imagine your subordinates going away from you if you look gusgusin..May point naman di ba?

Sir Jesse also said that one must always treat oneself something at least worth P200 every month. This way, one will have at least 12 new things in one year. Every quarter, one should buy something for the home--at least worth P500. Baka yung unan mo, unan mo pa nung pinanganak ka..Baka kutsarita ang gamit mo dahil wala kayong kutsara. Ang cover ng kabayo/plantsahan nyo,baka luray-luray na..It doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy big appliances,but if you keep the practice,it will come..Nice point!

There must be 10 events in your career life. This means something happens every 4 years. Promotion, higher salary, new job perhaps..There is life after your company.. If you continue to be in the same position for many years already, it isnt healthy.. This will develop boredom..Something new must always happen. Pondering, I left the pre-school setting after 4 years. Im already a year and a half in the corporate setting--getting the promotion after over 14 months--not bad!=)

So who are more likely to get promoted?

Those who:
* are technically competent
* has good sales performance
* has a realtionship to the boss ( relative )
* are senior

And who are the unproductive ones?

Those who:
* refuse to listen
* do not change
* do not study his people
* who think it's only a matter of luck

I had a fruitful time and really learned a lot.Im glad most of the skills are already being practiced by me..While it is said that leaders are made, not born-I've always felt I was born a leader =))..A manghuhula once said that one day I'll hold a high position in a company--if not a congressman..Oh well,I feel I'm quite ready for something bigger--now, bring it! 'wink'

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