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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Samu't sari sa LRT 8: Stranded

mga aligagang paa sa lrt..

I was on my way to work this's only 7.15,for sure i'll be in the office just in time. Until the train suddenly stopped( we were between D. Jose and Carriedo station).

After a while, the operator said: Pansamantala po tayong hihinto,may train pa po sa unahan.

Some minutes passed and he said the same line. After 10minutes, the operator advised: Matatagalan na po tayo,may bumagsak pong bakal sa Vito Cruz station.

Everyone were like bees buzzing their rants..Oh well, Im gonna be late..Have to text our HR.

Suddenly, i heard one man say- Pare pasensya na..Then the door at our coach opened.WTF!

Looks like that man is in such a hurry. He pushed the emergency door button and off he went. 3 men decided to follow as they will be late too. Before they were able to approach the door, the operator said: Pakisara lang po ang pintuan, paalis na po tayo. Then everyone sighed a breath of relief.

A security personnel approached our door. " Hindi po train ang sira, bakit ninyo binuksan?"Oustide, we heard a man shouting: Wag kang tatalon, wag kang tatalon! And before we were able to say another thing, the door closed and the train,at last ,moved.

Just when I thought everything's already OK, the operator said: Hanggang Central Terminal na lang po tayo. Half line na lang ang operation.

Buset na umaga ito! Panic mode na.I dont know where to go.. a friend-Dani. Thank heavens he was already up and he gave me the directions. Hay, I really dont have a sense of directions-and without LRT, I'll be lost. Di na ako kailangang iligaw,dahil kusa na akong maliligaw..

It took me at least 20 minutes before I was able to get a jeepney. People were everywhere. Inching their way to get a ride. Time check: 9am..Crap!

I was in Edsa Taft by 9.30,and a lot are on the street-stranded too..Im at office by 10am..Oh well..

I wish that 'bakal' will be gone before uwian later. I don't wanna get stranded again on my way home..Please..

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