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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Synopsis: Honey( Sharon Cuneta ) found a sexy lingerie in her husband's possession, a confirmation that Tim ( John Estrada ) is seeing another woman. Not wanting to lose her family, she did not confront her husband but decided to gather more facts. She enrolled in a gym to make herself more appealing- where she also met Frances (Aiai delas Alas ),a dance instructress. They became bestfriends,exchanging perspectives in relationships and raising kids. Until one day, Honey found out that Frances is Tim's other woman.

Honey finds herself torn between saving her family and keeping a unique friendship.

I really got frustrated in this flick. I thought all along this is another riot ( as this is topbilled by the Megastar and the Comedy Queen )..But much to my dismay,this isn't. I guess, I could have appreciated it more if they have publicized this as a 'light drama' more than a 'comedy film'.

I hardly laughed..There had been 2 or 3 scenes that was funny- mostly Chokoleit's antics.

Director Wenn Deramas was short of new comic scenes to show. Much of the supposed humorous sequence had been shown already in his previous movies- and a lot of the scenes were really 'sayang'- i was awaiting for the 'tawa' moment but there was none---or is it just me?Oh well, my friends weren't laughing either.

Sharon was really superb in the heartfelt scenes, and wasn't really wacky in the supposed 'patawa' moments. I even thought it was Sharon's starring role and Aiai was just a support. The film did not even utilized Joy Viado's comedienne power--sayang talaga.This film was also short of the Mother's Day message.

I went out of the movie house really frustrated--really!

For all the 'sayang' supposed-patawa-eksena, this film is 2 'aandap-andap' stars.

Again, this is just me..

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