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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

April 22 is Earth Day!

It's obvious we are experiencing a drastic change in the weather. Back in early 80's maximum typhoon winds is at Signal no. 3 only..Now, we call it tropical depression which can be as strong as Signal no. 5!Even a small rain pour can turn Manila flooded..Cold weather extends up to January and summer can extend up to June!Talk about summer, we hit 37 degrees last week. I've been sick since last weekend due to the hot weather. And for the past 2 days,it's been raining. Today it's uber hot,tomorrow it's rainy..sweet lord!

We all have to act to save Mother Earth. I wish a bill would be passed about the use of BAYONG as an alternative to plastic. I wish there'd be more trash bins scattered all over the city so that people won't throw their garbage anywhere. I really hate it when some won't have the little discipline to dispose their garbages properly. Open my bag and you'll see bus tickets and candy wrappers and other small stuffs. This is what happens when I don't see any bin where I can put my trash. When Im home, I put it in our garbage. Small things but big help to our environment.

I'd like to commend all those environmental groups for doing their share to save our place. Im glad ABSCBN foundation is now on the working project to save Pasig River .They've done it with LaMesa watershed,they can do it again for Pasig!

Given a free time I'd like to join a tree planting activity.I think that'll be great!I wish I can turn 6th avenue (my place) into something like the man-made forest of Bilar, Bohol! I sooo love that place!

Man-made forest of Bohol..I wish we can have this in Kalookan too! =)
Beat the heat towards a safer climate!

1. Plant more trees and get involved in similar activities

2. Buy energy-efficient products that don’t use as much energy

3. Buy recyclable products

4. Refrain from buying unnecessary packaging, and waste less

5. Practice the 3Rs of Ecological Solid Waste Management: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

6. Use compact fluorescent, spiral light bulbs

7. Insulate windows, doors, and electrical outlets and add more insulation to the attic and basement

8. Turn the heating thermostat down, and the air conditioning up, by 1.50C (30F)

9. Choose the most efficient vehicle available, such as a hybrid gasoline-electric model and keep any vehicle well maintained

10. Share a car and avoid short journeys by car

11. Keep tires optimally inflated

12. Walk, bike, use a car pool or take public transport

13. Recycle paper, glass, aluminum, steel and other materials to produce “new” materials

14. Practice becoming Carbon Neutral

15. Advocate change by encouraging larger communities to act on climate change.

There are many ways we can do to save Mother Earth.. Heal the world..Make it a better place..'wink'

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