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Monday, March 10, 2008

of versus and choices (THE MAD JOURNEY)

march 7-9 ,i was in tagaytay for the retreat and graduation of MUKHA AD (masiglang ugnayan ng mga kabataang hinuhubog sa anyo ng anak ng Diyos) Batch 18.

i became a member of MUKHA AD batch 14 ( 2003 ), a youth formation program administered by the Dominican brothers with the lays, thru the kind invitation of Royce(batch 13),a childhood friend. having been freshly 'evicted' from the youth ministry of our parish,i decided to give it a try. at first it was hard to become a formation participant once again- having been in the youth ministry for many years,i can say i was already a pro attending and giving programs like this. seating in the sunday sessions as a participant was a humbling experience. i am a person hungry for new challenges,eager to hear inspirational stories and an addict to serve Him and my fellow youths- MUKHA AD became a channel to share myself.

after 5 years, im still an active member of MAD. for 2 years now, i served as a council officer of the group- and im more willingly open to spare more time if given a position again.

my stay with this group opened doors to new friendship ( i have 4 priest friends now and 3 or 4 are soon to be priests too-im super proud! ). im grateful for having shared my experiences to our members and i also appreciate all the lessons i learned from them. this group made me closer to my creator and contributed greatly in my appreciation of life.

5 years of rich experience and bigger realizations..

on taking risks- fear vs excitement

on every encounter- intimidation vs intimacy

in every relationship- holding on vs letting go

all the hurts- sugat ng kahapon vs peklat ng kinabukasan
the mission to proclaim- challenge vs the warning

on continuing the mission- there is Christ vs there is cross

in everything that's happened- grasya vs disgrasya

on life- giving up or going on

MUKHA AD- invitation vs decline and privilege vs responsibilty

my life has been more meaningful because of this group..to everyone in Mukha AD lets continue to live its legacy..

to act justly

to love tenderly

and to walk humbly with the Lord!

keep the MUKHA AD spirit burning!!

(visit http://aco1116.multiply.com/ for more MUKHA AD pics )

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