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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I love watching dvd' kamahalan ng tiket sa sine,nagkakasya na lang ako sa panonood sa dvd..besides im not very much particular with the latest not into animated ones,though ive seen happy feet and i really liked that one!im really insane watching horror/suspense and since last year,i am so hooked with morbid themes.

for the more conservative ones,the suggested titles might be a lil off but if you're the braver type,you might want to check the are my top picks:

on # 4- SAW 1-3
i really like this film and feels the creator of this film really brilliant. you have to do a movie marathon and see all three.i specifically like the plot and you'll never guess what's going to happen next.The film has full of twists and unless you see all three,you'll only make more and more questions bothering you. The excitement to know the answers will keep you wanting to see the next.(To date,SAW 4 is already shown in cinemas this week)
puzzles, questions, bloody chances is SAW!

seating on my 3rd spot is HOSTEL 1
this is a film of quentin tarantino-so dark yet so entertaining.. this film is so morbid..i must admit i closed my eyes on some parts of the film because of too much blood and i cant just take all the blades literally cutting human in pieces and the insane people doing it enjoying every second of their prey's cry of pain!
adventure(or was it?), sadists,blades is HOSTEL!

on top 2 is THE HILLS HAVE EYES 1
this film actually opened my appreciation for morbid films.its really not that morbid in the pure sense of fact,i watched this film with my family members.its very seldom that we get to gather around the sala to watch tv or movies,but this movie became a bonding time for us-that's how good this film is!unlike the typical suspense film,this film showed no redemption-and this is what i really liked about it. its like struggling in a situation where it is really hard to survive and just when you thought you already was victorious,it wasn't over after all yet..
trap, hunger, survival is THE HILLS HAVE EYES!

seating on my number 1 is-CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST
Cannibal Holocaust is my favorite movie of all time!Ive seen this film practically a thousand times and has endorsed this to my friends over and over again.I had the chance to view this during early college and i was insane to watch it repeatedly.i SSSOOOOO LOVE this film!my friends call me crazy for liking this a lot.when i first saw this with my friends , a lot of them did not finish it because it was too gross!one even end up puking just like in one of the scene there. I heard this was where THE BLAIRWITCH PROJECT was 'patterned'.This movie was even banned in many countries and the producer of the film was even sued for releasing the film.
the movie is about 4 filmers making a documentary on cannibal tribes.they never came back .anthropologists searched for them , only to find a footage revealing unlikely events.
who is barbaric- the people tagged as cannibals or the people who tags them as such?The movie will answer this question.
be brave as you will see scenes you will never imagine happenning!
this is the most beautiful,brilliant and disturbing film to see!
taboo,violence and cruel intention equal CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST!



  1. napanood ko mga yan pwera ung the hills, maganda sha pero d ko na uulitin panoorin, ung hostel and saw hindi ko kayang panoorin mag isa..wahahhaa...and ung saw 4 hindi ko naintindihan kaka takip ko ng mata..lolzzz

  2. u shud see the hills..maganda un..ive just seen 2 morbid films this weekend-turistas saka isang german film pero di nagmarka title saken.=( try ko gawan ng review sa multiply ko pag may time hehe


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