Dining At Luk Yuen

Last Saturday, I reunited with my college chums Del and Imee. It had been a long time since we last saw each other and I was eager to meet them again.

The 6pm call time became 8pm and I almost walked out. But yeah, I love these guys and so I extended my patience. Ahihihi.

We dined at Luk Yuen Megamall.

With Del and Imee

Here's what we tried:

 Sizzling Beef// P330

 Yang Chow Fried Rice// P195

Boneless Buttered Chicken// P290

 Congee Halo-halo// P120

 Hakaw Shrimp Dumplings// P155 (4pcs)

Machang (Cantonese Style)// P130 (3pcs)

As per menu. the Sizzling Beef is a 'chef's suggestion'. It was OK but nothing extraordinary for me. We loved the Buttered Chicken though! I think that should be listed as 'Chef's Suggestion' instead-- or make that 'Bough's Suggestion'. Ahihihi

The congee and the Machang (which took almost 15 minutes to be served) as I've expected, were heavy in the tummy. My stomach is so full I did not had the chance to taste the Hakaw.

Luk Yuen is your typical Chinese restaurant. Over-all the food was good but I find it a little pricey. The place and the atmosphere, I don't dig that much. But I have to commend the staff for being so accommodating.

So there.

That's Catchu beside Del. =)

Let's connect.

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