It's Jessica VS Phillip

My instincts were correct! 'palakpakan'

I knew it would be Jessica and Phillip at the Finale of American Idol.

I was literally jumping in joy when Seacrest announced the verdict. Dedma na kung si Joshua o Phillip ang sunod na tatawagin.

I was shaking. Yes, feeling ko ako ang nanalo. Nagulat ang mga officemates ko. Akala nila kung anu na nangyari..Hahahaha..OA, I know. Im just super happy for Jessica. Ako na ang fan!

Joshua Ledet got kicked off. Finally, the people grew tired of his yelling and screaming.

Rumors had it that Joshua is also of Pinoy blood. Sya daw ang nawawalang kapatid ni Roderick Paulate.

Kayo na ang bahala kung maniniwala kayo sa chismis na yan! :)

One thing is certain--Jessica is not Chinese, please....and she will surely nail it next week at the Finale!

Goodluck Jessica Sanchez!

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