Thank You For The Music Whitney Houston

"I knew God was there. I knew the light was there and I was just trying to get back to it."
- Whitney Houston

Around past 10am yesterday, I received a text message from a friend- WHITNEY HOUSTON DEAD AT 48.

What a shocker! I can't believe what I've just read! I googled it, and yes, it's CONFIRMED!

I grew up listening to Whitney Houston's songs. Her songs were always my choice whenever I joined amateur singing contest when I was a kid-back when I can still make 'birit'.

I looked up at her as the superstar-far more excellent than Mariah or Celine Dion. I adored her powerful vocals- she was, after all, once a queen-and will forever be- of the music industry. I admired her rags-to-riches story. 

I was sad to hear her drug issues. The once perfect voice and 'the superstar' suddenly lost her luster. 

Whitney Houston will always remain the supreme in the music industry. Goodbye Whitney and thank you for the music. 

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