Reach Out

I dream that one day 
Our voices will somehow fill the earth 
With joy forever 

I dream that someday
Our wishes will somehow soon come true
And last forever

I dream that one day our songs in some way
Will bring a bright tomorrow
Full of love, full of hope, full of joy

I see this one day
When all the world will hear us

That someday when all will stand before us
Singing one song together

Everywhere singing...

We are gonna love you people of the world 

We are gonna make you a better world 

We will all respect you people of the world

We are gonna make you a better world

I dream that one day
Our voices will somehow fill the earth
With joy forever...

..a better world..

Snaps from my visit at Vitas, Tondo Manila last 29 January 2012.
Three things I learned- Appreciation, Contentment and Being Grateful.

Should you wish to volunteer and share time with these kids- 
contact (Facebook) Homeschool Guballa.

About Allan Bough

Allan works full time as a Recruitment Head for an IT Solutions company in Makati and juggles blogging along side. He’s fond of travelling, a certified beach and nature lover and would want to explore more of Earth’s riches. A former community theater director, a pre school teacher and a frustrated Star In A Million contestant, Allan hopes of conquering the big stage for a spotlight one day. Conversation and people are his passion.
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