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Back in the 80's the very popular afternoon TV drama, Lovingly Yours Helen, was turned into a movie anthology.

The first episode was a horror-drama topbilled by the late Julie Vega, Connie Reyes and Anita Linda.

I can remember how scared I was the first time I saw this film. Til now, I won't forget the scene when Julie Vega was suspended on the ceiling.

This movie is also the last for Julie Vega. Rumors had it that the said movie did a great deal for her death. Some people said that the 'Taong Itim' got angry with the use of Latin prayers on the scenes. There had been stories of the lights turning on and off during the shoot.(Of course, we all know that Julie Vega died of a lung disease.)

This Lovingly Yours episode is on the top list of my scariest Pinoy movies. This our own version of the Exorcist and the Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Here's the video courtesy of YouTube:

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