Bagsik ni Bagyong Ondoy

Typhoon Ondoy's wrath: the flood in our place..

Josefina Street, 6th Ave., Kalookan

around 10.30 am of Sept 26, it started to flood in our street

water starting to rise..

knee-deep at 11.19am ( mas malalim ang baha sa loob ng mga bahay dahil pinataasan ang kalsada namin ng hanggang tuhod )

waist-deep at 12.53 pm

half of the house submerged

notice the tent at the top.the water is deeper at that part.

a group of young boys having a fun(?) time

Mababa ang street namen..We are accustomed to floods..But I'll never get to used to it.. I can only pray that we stay safe and be away from danger. I prayed the rosary at least three times.
Sad how many were dead and still hundreds are missing. I wish I can extend my help to the many victims. I am overwhelmed by the many support of our fellow countrymen. And yes, Bayanihan is still within us. Let us continue to pray for the many victims of Typhoon Ondoy.

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